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What Are Drum Heads? Basic Guide To Drum Heads

Hello Readers or we should say, budding drummers. It feels great when the drummers take out time to read or know about their instrument in depth. This makes your relationship with the drum sets stronger. Probably, you don’t want to risk the quality of music by compromising with cheap drum heads.

Let us bring certain things to your notice. Most of the drummers do not know much about the drum heads when they buy the drum kit. It is not necessary that the drum heads of the drum set you are buying will be of high-quality if you are paying more. That’s why the drummers should know about the drum heads so that they can differentiate and select the best one.

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The drum heads are of two types based on the place where you are going to install it. If the drum head is on the top then obviously it is going to be struck by the drummer. So these types of drum heads are called batter heads. Other ones are used at the bottom. At the bottom, they impact the type of sound produced. That’s why these are called resonant heads.

Let’s get into more detail to understand their job. The batter one impacts the volume, attack, and tone spectrum as it is directly hit by the drum sticks. You can say that it produces energy that transforms into sound. The resonant one is like an equalizer that will amplify the frequency produced by the batter head. So it starts with the batter head and ends at the resonant head.


There two types of drum heads. One is single ply and another one is double or dual ply. Just as the name suggests the difference lies in the number of sheet of material used. The single ply is suitable for those who want a bit quiet or medium volume of the music. In general, you will find them with a layer of approximately 10-mil mylar. You can use the single ones as both batter head or resonant head. Since these ones bring out the overtone of a drum perfectly use them for acoustic rock or jazz style.

The dual-ply ones are for drummers who love to play loud music. For louder sound, the attack would be heavy and the double ply can sustain it with reduced overtones. So if you are planning to play rock music or anything that demands more longevity then the double ply will be a great choice. Here, the layering will be of two sheets with 7-mil Mylar each. It is not necessary that the drum head will consist of only two plies put together. There may be a ring on the outer edge that will help in further controlling the overtones.

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The drum heads could be clear or with some sort of coating. Let’s get to know the clear ones. The clear drum heads will not have any sort of coating on them. They are bright and have the ability to sustain the attack more than the other type of drum heads. So if your interest is more in playing the rock or punk type of music then go for the clear drumheads.

With coated ones, you will get the drum heads with a thin coating. The layering is done on the top of the head. These are best used for snare drums. With clear drum heads, you won’t get that clear type of sound. Also, these are slightly dampened so there is a reduction in the overtones and the sound is warm. If you are looking for one then choose the Remo drum heads as they are versatile and more responsive. We are sure you are going to love the way they sound. These are also best drum heads for toms as the slight change in sound is perfect for drummers.

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We humans are always trying to compete with others to bring out the best. In case of drum heads other than the usual types, there are also specialty heads. These drum heads are designed to serve a specific purpose in terms of the tone and feel they are aimed at. There is a model of Kevlar heads. This one has pinhole vents around its edge making it stronger and apt for hard-hitting situations. Similarly, there is a model called the center-dot head. It is designed to produce a more focused tonality.

These are also more durable so you can buy them once and use for a really long time. Another variety is of vented heads. In vented drum heads there are holes around the edge. So when you will strike the drum it will release the air from these holes. This technique will improve the projection of sound. You can perform the drum head comparison and choose according to your ability or interest.

Is It Important To Change The Drum Heads?

Yes, there are a variety of reasons for doing so. If you have bought a new drum set then there are high chances that the drum heads are not of high-quality. In the case of the professional drum set, this won’t be a problem. So change the drum head and buy a new one that matches your style of music. We have already mentioned the different types of drum heads with their benefits so the choice will be easy for you. Also, if you are using a drum set for a really long time then the acoustic quality might have deteriorated. So do check out the new drum heads.


Drum heads play an important role as you are going to strike the sticks on them. Before picking up any random drum head online its better you get to know what type of sound you are looking for. If you love light music then go for single ply one. For those who are looking for a more mellow sound of toms should go for the coated drum heads. In this way, you can clearly select the right piece. We hope that we have shared an apt amount of information on the drum heads for the drummers. The options are right in front of you to select from. In case of queries use the contact form and we will get back to you with answers. For more information, you can check out the homepage where there are a lot of informative articles for you.

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