How To Maintain Your Drum Kit
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How To Maintain Your Drum Kit?

If you are searching for ways to maintain your drum kit then there are high chances that you are already facing a problem. You might have not taken care of the drum kit or you are using incorrect methods to do so. Just because you have bought a high-quality drum set that is durable doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance.

If you want your things to last longer then it is important to take out some time to take proper care of it. For drummers, the drum sets are an integral part of their life. So they have to make sure that the lifespan of their drums will be short if their maintenance is neglected. For basic drum care, we have shared some tips that you have to follow.

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Maintenance Begins With Cleaning

To lengthen your drum set’s life it is extremely important to clean your drum kit. For cleaning and maintenance make sure you use the right products. Keep certain things handy like drum polish, microfiber cloth, and lubricating oil. Use polish to maintain the hardware as with time it may become dull and get corroded.

This will weaken it and there are chances that it will break. There are some parts like the tension rod or pedals that need lubrication. So once a week add some drops of lubricating oil. This will keep the movement of the pedals smooth.

With so much dirt and pollution, it is normal for the drum shells and cymbals to get covered by a layer of dirt. If you do not wipe then soon layers of dirt will accumulate and it will eventually affect the quality of the drum set. You can either use the microfiber cloth or cotton cloth to wipe the surface of shells and cymbals.

 Add some water in a bowl and cleaner to make a solution and dip the cloth to dampen it. Make sure you do not use harsh chemicals for the same as it will further damage the drum set. So you might have understood how to care for a drum kit.

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Store The Drum Kit Properly

Maintenance does invlove proper storage. If you are going to clean the instruments and keep them at a place where direct heat falls on them then do you think it will help? We don’t think so. With the temperature rising in summers it will dry out the set and the instrument will eventually crack. So the foremost thing is to keep the drum set away from direct heat.

You must store the drum kit in a case that is hard or tough. This becomes mandatory when you are traveling. There are chances that something falls on it or hit it by mistake so the hard case will protect it from any sort of wear and tear. 

Storage of drum kits

Drum Heads Need Replacement

Whether you are a beginner or a professional the most number of hits that you make on the drum set is on the drum head. The hi-hats and other cymbals do play an important role but the drums are hit the most number of times. So the acoustic ability of the drum will decrease eventually.

If you are a professional then you might know that the drums do not produce the same type of sound after a certain period of time. This clearly means that they are no longer in a good state. So immediately replace the drum head.

How to care for a drum kit

Don’t Miss Out On Tune-Up

In the end, what matters is that the music is flawless. If you are going to clean the drum set on a regular basis but while performing the tuning is not proper then everything goes vain. So the first thing you should do after performing is to wipe the drum set. After that, tune up the kit.

This way you are going to keep the drum set ready for a performance at any point in time. Even if you are going buy a drum head that is of good quality but the tuning is not done then it will definitely sound unpleasant. In a way, all the points considered here are interlinked so you have to follow everything.

Invest In Good Drum Care Tools

Before getting into the drum care tools its important to understand that you take the first step right. The drum sets are going to need maintenance but you can reduce the effort by buying the right kit. Thus, check out the drum kit reviews to find out the best ones available in the market.

After that, don’t wait for your drum set to tell you that it needs maintenance. Invest in a good drum care kit. Although water will do a good job but invest in the best. Use polishes, cleaners that are specially formulated for this purpose. Also, check reviews to know whether they are too harsh on the drums or not.


In the end, we would like to conclude by saying, don’t get scared by the term maintenance. Don’t think that you have to take a lot of effort into it. Think about the end result. For a drummer, we don’t think there is anything as precious as the drum sets. We have tried to make it as simple as we can. If you can invest in a whole drum set then you can invest in the drum maintenance too.

After all, you are doing all this to ensure the drum sounds good and stays for long. If you want to know about increasing the hand speed at playing the drums then we have even shared it for you. The article covers the tips and techniques that you can use to improve your hand speed on your own. Also, we have shared multiple articles on drum sets that you will love reading. So go through them to get benefited even more. Do share your views on this article and we will keep providing you with informative articles and reviews.

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