How to increase your handspeed at playing the drum set
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How To Increase Your Hand Speed At Playing The Drum Set?

Are your basics to drumming clear? If yes then you are definitely going to improve by reading this article. There are a lot of drummers who are looking for an answer to the question “how to increase your hand speed at playing the drum set?”. It is one of the top priorities of almost every drummer to play the drums fast. They are constantly working to become the fastest. If you play drums at high speed the audience seems to get impressed with that. Here, the important thing is to do this at a controlled speed. If you are going to follow these techniques then we are sure you will become a fast drummer.

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Be patient and take one step at a time

The key to mastering an art is to continuously work on it. If you want to increase your hand speed then you cannot achieve it in one day. You have to work towards it slowly. Even the best dancers do not become the best in one day. Do not be harsh on yourself by forcefully increasing the speed. If you are going to use a good drum hand technique to increase hand speed and constantly work on it then you can definitely achieve more.

Drum tips to take one step at a time

Practice in front of a mirror

It is not only important for dancers to practice in front of the mirror but even drummers must try this. If you will watch yourself while playing drums then you will be able to notice the issues in drumming. You can try different ways to know how to hold drum sticks for speed. For example, if you are one of those who holds the drumsticks with matched grip then the drums must be played in a symmetrical fashion. If this doesn’t help then the go to a drumming expert for assistance. It is one of the great drum exercises for beginners.

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Practice by playing on a pillow

This may not sound thoughtful but this tip has been followed by multiple drummers. If the drummers are recommending it then there might be something in this technique. In fact, it is one of the greatest drum lessons for you. The drums have a hard surface so you do not have to apply much force on them. If you are going to hit the pillow with drum sticks then it will offer no rebound. This will develop the muscle in your hands to play drums. With better muscles obviously, your hand will be more prepared to play drums so your hand speed would increase.

Practice on pillow

Build Up Speed Steadily

If you think that your drum hand technique is good then you can obviously shift towards improving the speed. You can do it by using some controlled exercises. When you begin dancing you have to push yourself every now and then to get that perfect posture and flexibility. Similar is the case with drums. First, you have to start by playing singles or doubles at 80 to 100 BPM. It's optional you can also begin with your choice of speed. Start increasing it by 5 or 10 BPM with each practice session. Make sure you increase the metronome only after the amount of time at playing the drum set at a particular speed. This way you will be able to achieve your goal of increasing hand speed.

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Invest in a good drum practice pad

A practice pad is often termed as a drum pad. It is used by the percussionists to practice or warm up before the performance. In case you haven’t used it before then start using it. It doesn’t matter how advanced or experienced you are. The practice pads are helpful if you listen to the drum strokes quietly. If you are going to practice on the drum pad then it will much easy for you to focus on the hand strokes. You will understand where you are going wrong and you can make improvements accordingly.

Pay attention to single-stroke rolls

We believe the drummer must excel in all stroke rolls. The single stroke rolls are often less practiced by the drummers. If you increase your hand speed at single stroke rolls then you will automatically excel in the overall speed. Start by practicing the 20th note single stroke at varying speeds. In the beginning, your arms will be used for each stroke but with increase in speed other smaller muscles will be used. This speed drumming technique will give you the best results

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Use heavy drum sticks

If increasing your hand speed is your goal then begin with increasing the weight of the drum sticks. Look for drum sticks that are heavier than the one you use regularly. In the beginning, it will decrease your speed as you are not used to it. The time you will get used to it your speed and control would prosper. Now, the catch here is that we are not asking you to use heavier drum sticks all the time. It is just to make your wrists comfortable with heavy ones. Now, if you will switch to your regular ones then you will feel that they are extremely light to hold. You will be effortless at playing the drum set.

Drum Sticks


We hope that these seven tips are going to be extremely useful for you. If you will follow them then you will reach your goal even faster. The drumming technique, rudiments, rhythm, timing, tuning, metronome are some of the key points that work in your favor if properly worked on. You have to understand that stepping out of your comfort zone will definitely pour in positive results. Begin with slowly pushing your boundaries and eventually reaching your goal. If these tips help you then you can leave your comments and even share the same with your fellow drummers. We would love to know what are your thoughts on this article. Your honest suggestions will be welcomed. Do check out other set of articles to improve your drumming skills.

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