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How To Choose DrumSticks?

Whether you have just stepped into the shoes of a drummer or a professional artist, choosing a drumstick seems difficult. If you have ever visited a store to buy drumsticks then you would know that there are multiple options to choose from. The seller will ask you what are you looking for? Do you want a heavy drum stick or a lighter one? Is there a specific drumstick brand you are interested in? It is a moment that tests your drumstick knowledge.

Now, how will you choose the drumstick without knowing the basic terms related to it? We have shared a quick guide that will take you through the drumstick classification based on various aspects. By the end of this article, your maximum doubts will be cleared and you will be able to clearly choose the right one. Also, if you are going to combine it with the right drum heads then the result will be unbelievable.

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The first and foremost thing that matters is the material of the drumsticks. The material greatly influences the durability of the stick. Also, each material will produce a certain unique effect on playing the drums.

  • Maple drumsticks are lightweight due to their fine grain pattern. This clearly states that you can use them for the style that requires light strokes. Due to its softer look, you won’t be able to use it for a really long time.
  • Hickory is one of the most common materials used for manufacturing the drumsticks. In comparison with maple, this stick is a bit more rigid. That’s why it can stand a certain amount of stress.
  • Oak drumsticks are not only dense but even heavy. Due to these characteristics, they transmit vibrations even more. As the material is hard it produces a certain level of shock that transforms to the wrists and forearms.
  • Persimmon drumsticks are used by those drummers who want a more impactful sound. The drumsticks that are made using this material are of high density and have a good resistance level. The only drawback with this material is that has low commercial use so it has been produced for genres that are short-lived.
how to choose drumsticks

Numbers And Letters

The drumsticks are sold by the numbers and letters written on them. These are significant in telling you about the drumstick. With numbers, you can identify the circumference of the stick. If there are 2B drumsticks then their circumference is large. Similarly, if the number is higher i.e. 7A drumsticks then their circumference is smaller.

The letters used with the numbers indicate the application of the drumsticks. The letter A stands for Orchestra. So these sticks are designed for those who are part of a big band or orchestras. So you will find them with the rock players. The letter B stands for bands. These are good for those who have just begun their drumming career. The last one is S that stands for the street. So the street bands like the marching bands make use of these sticks.

Tip Shape

When you look at the drumsticks you might feel that they look similar. There is a difference in the way their tip looks. Some of them come with oval tips while others with barrel tips.

If the stick has a large tip then it will produce dark sound while the one with a small tip will produce light sound. You can consider the example of the barrel tips for dark sound and ball tips for light sound.

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The taper is that area of the drumstick that begins at the end of the drum tip and ends at the beginning of the shoulder. This area is highly influential in producing the right amount of rebound. There are three variations in the taper i.e. short, medium, and long. A short taper would mean less rebound. Its front-end is heavy so multiple heavy-hitting drummers prefer it.

A medium taper one is a perfectly balanced drumstick. You can play any style using this stick so the versatile drummers prefer this stick. The last one is the long taper. It will provide a faster response and has a high rebound rate. Here, the maximum weight can be felt on the hands rather on the front-end. Drummers who play jazz and require more dynamics are usually the ones that buy long taper drumsticks.


The comfort with which you hold the drumsticks does play an important in playing drums. After all, it's your hands that are going to produce a certain type of sound using the sticks. The coating on the drum sticks is responsible for all this. If the stick has a coating of paint then it won’t be smooth to hold.

There is a range of drumsticks that come with lacquer coating. These are known to give a natural feel to the user. It doesn’t let the perspiration from the drummer to penetrate deep inside so it stays the same for a long time. In case of the sticks without lacquer coating, the feel of the drumsticks changed over years of use. These are very smooth to hold so if you love smooth sticks then go for this one. You must ask the seller about the coating and hold the drumstick to check the grip.


The last factor that we think you should consider while choosing the drumsticks is the length. The length of the drumsticks affects the way you feel when you hold the drumstick.

If the drumstick is long then you will feel that the weight is shifted towards the front. So you will get more power. Similarly, the drumstick that is short will have its weight shifted towards the hand. so you know now how to choose drumsticks for electronic drums.ults.

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The best drumstick doesn’t solely depend on a single factor. There are various factors that affect the choice. It could be the length of the drumstick or the drummer’s style of playing. So you have to consider multiple factors to get that perfect balance of response and feel. With the right stick, you will be able to give your best short while giving the performance as you will be comfortable. A drummer must not neglect this factor. By now you might have understood how to choose drumsticks for beginners or professionals. If you know a toddler who is showing interest in music then you can even gift the best toddler drum set to encourage his instincts. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share your views on the drumsticks.

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