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The Casino has been around for a decade, first brought to overall acclaim by the Beatles. From that point forward, Epiphone's creation has moved far and wide a couple of times, first from America to Japan, at that point to Korea and now China. While a few enthusiasts keep up that the Korean-made Epis of the 1990s were preferred made over the contemporary models leaving the brand's Chinese offices.

Epiphone Casino Guitar

The creation lines Casinos being delivered today, in 2014, are maybe the best in the brand's long history. The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that sets Epiphone up for life. As far back as The Beatles obtained three Casinos in 1964, this empty Epi model has taken on its very own existence.

Fit and finish are flawless – the binding, the fret edges, the neck shape, the pickup directing. We were especially dazzled by the feel, significantly more so since it came in our favored "characteristic" finish. What separates the Casino from other 335-style guitars is its totally empty body (no stable square here like on the Dot) just as its single-curl pickups (rather than Gibson/Epi's standard humbuckers).

The conventional style headstock is a serious enormous undertaking making it marginally top substantial yet the tuners were great and stable. The set neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard, 24.75" scale with 22 worries. The fretboard and state of the neck truly agreeable to play just like the activity and dividing between frets, there were no humming or tuning issues anyplace on the guitar, and gratitude to the set neck, upper fret get to was genuinely simple.

epiphone casino review

The Epiphone Casino 2019 is the guitar that sets Epiphone up for life. As far back as The Beatles obtained three Casinos in 1964, this empty Epi model has taken on its very own existence. Furnished with two vintage P-90 single-curl pickups, the Casino still conveys those Beatlesque tones at a value each player can afford.

Made with a select maple body and top with f-openings, trapeze rear end, mahogany neck (24-3/4" scale), neck and body official, two volume and two tone controls, and parallelogram decorates. Constrained lifetime guarantee. Case sold independently.

The two factors of fit and finish, alone give the Casino a lighter, progressively explained tone. That finish in addition to the trapeze rear end and two F gaps give it that genuine retro look. Fit and finish all through was magnificent and it will unquestionably stop people in their tracks.

The body and top are both produced using covered maple and that combined with the reality it's apparently not so much a semi-acoustic by any stretch of the imagination, having no middle square (in contrast to, state, the Gibson 335 which it ambiguously takes after) makes it light in weight.

The weight factor isn't useful for sparing your shoulders and back, it's additionally incredible for reverberation and expanded support. Indeed, even unplugged the guitar reverberates well, you can feel each note that is played, which is extraordinary.

What is generally preferred was the detail and lucidity, heard when A/B'ing it against comparative guitars with semi-empty developments and full humbuckers.

Those sounded somewhat muddier to us – and truly, while they had a stronger yield and will maybe overdrive an amp faster, the P90s (truly, the stock pickups) in the Casino are so unimaginably flexible, it’s difficult to find a sort they didn't fit into easily. 

The deep-rooted issue of input was even a non-issue, no compelling reason to stuff the sound openings. So with everything taken into account, in case you're in the market for a mid-extend guitar that can practically handle any activity you toss at it, test-drive the new Epiphone Casinos 2019 and begin to look all starry-eyed.


The product has the following unique features which have enabled it to garner sales ahead more than its pear products.



Body shape: The main body of the guitar is made in a Double cutaway style.
Body type: the middle of the guitar riff is mainly a Hollow body.
Body material: the material used is not a matte finished wood. Instead, it is a Laminated – glossy coated wood sheet.
Top wood: The wood used is the popular Maple with a basswood top supporting the neck.
Direction: the action tilts towards the right.
Body finish: As mentioned earlier, the material is laminated and Glossy on the top



Neck shape: the shape is the popular SlimTaper D style which makes it a market leader.
Neck wood: the wood on the neck is Mahogany and not maple as the former is sturdier.
Bracket pole: It has a Standard bracket pole
Joint: the frets are Set-in and are continuous.
Neck finish: like the body, this guitar’s neck is also of a glossy finish.
Scale length: the dimensions of this guitar are 24’75" in length 



Design: the pick-up design is a classic SS style.
Neck: The neck has a P-90R pick-up wave extension
Piezo: It doesn’t have any piezo
Extension: it has a P-90T pick-up extension
Brand: Epiphone
Dynamic or detached pickups: the pick-up style of the guitar is passive making the sound less muddy.
Arrangement or parallel: the arrangement of buttons is done in a series.
Dynamic EQ: It doesn’t have any dynamic equalizer buttons. The guitarist needs to connect a paddle.
Exceptional gadgets: It doesn’t have any exceptional gadgets



Material: Rosewood fused with a smooth maple
Sweep: 12" -16’ sweep strings
Fret-plate size: the fretboard isn’t too large and has Medium kind size.
A number of fret-lines: the lines around the fretboard are 22 in total.
Nut width: the tuning nuts are of 42.67mm or 1.68”



Scaffold type: This has a Fixed scaffold style that holds the guitar’s sound together
Scaffold configuration:
the configuration that it has is called Tune-o-Matic. It is the most popular kind of configuration plug-in used.
Tuning machines:
It has a small catch near the tuning
This guitar has a Trapeze rear end around the neck also called the c-shaped finish.
The shading used here is mostly metallic and very similar to the Nickel tones



Control format: The format in which the control button is arranged is Volume 1, volume 2, tone 1, tone 2
Loop tap or split: It doesn’t have any loop taps or split at the back end.
Pickup switch: This guitar boasts a 3-way pick-up switch and is unique as compared to its other competitor models.
Off button: However, this model doesn’t have a power-off button like its other contemporaries. 



A number of strings: This is a classic 6-string electric guitar.
Unique highlights: The way its Pick-ups are designed to make it very unique amongst its’ brethren
Adornments: I, however, don’t have any special adornments or accessories attached to the body of the guitar.
Case: the guitar doesn’t come with a separate case. One needs to order it online individually.
The nation of manufacture: This guitar is manufactured in South Korea and a few other Asian countries.

Best Epiphone Casino Guitar

Conclusion: One Can Explore a New World of music with Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar

Still in question and don't have the foggiest idea what to pick? Peruse more reviews by professionals, evaluate guitars yourself, ask somebody progressively experienced, and you will locate the best instrument for you. It's you who needs to settle on an official conclusion.

If by chance this instrument has been the unrivaled guitar you have been searching for, it is a treat with an incredible arrangement of an assortment of highlight. This guitar hasn't rationed materials either. It feels like an extravagance bass guitar, the value is entirely sensible for a section level guitar. It's a smash hit which is as it should be. It is a fantasy to play, and it sounds incredible as well. In a situation where you are an amateur or a budding artist, this is truly a guitar you can consider putting resources into.

This Epiphone guitar doesn't have the rushes like other better popular models of the renowned producer yet with its value for money you are getting something of higher incentive with great sounds and a solid body to keep going for some sticking sessions.

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