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Drum Set Up – A Better Way To Do It

It seems you have bought a new drum set but you are not clear what the drum setup basics are. There are a lot of people out there who just place an order for the drum set without considering the fact that it would reach you the way it appears. All the parts of the drum set are packed separately.

This ensures that the drum set doesn’t get damaged on the way. Now, the drum set has multiple parts like the stands, cymbals, pedals, and more. When you open the package everything seems so confusing that you end up thinking that you shouldn’t have ordered it. Once you will learn how to assemble a drum set it will bring immense joy to your life. You will be able to start drumming practice that very moment.

Drum Setup

With the right drum setup, you will get the maximum benefit without hurting yourself. Start with the right drum set. For this look for the best drum set reviews and then focus on arranging the drum set in the right way. The right set up will work in your favor and eventually boost your performance. Let us begin by discussing the set up of each instrument one by one in the right sequence.

Drum Throne

You have to play the drum set while sitting on the throne so adjust it first. Sit on the throne to check the height at which you have to fix the throne. While you are sitting make sure your knees are below thighs. This will ensure that you sit for a long time without straining your thighs. After sitting on the throne you must feel comfortable and a balance is maintained even if you move your legs a bit.

proper alignment of drum throne


The kick drum is big in size so you have to start with it. For the placement of kick drum your style of playing the drum matters. If you kick the drum with left foot then it should be near it otherwise towards the right foot. There should be enough space on both the sides so that the other parts are in good reach of you. You can even adjust the height of the bass drum legs according to your requirement. After that attach the pedal and see to it that after sitting you are able to see your toes over your knees.


Here, we have the critical part of the drum set and that is the snare drum. The reason we are saying that it is critical is its use. The snare drum is one of the most played drums that you will play most often. Firstly set the stand by loosening or tightening the screws. You must set it at a height so that once the snare drum is placed you can hit the rimshots and ghost notes comfortably. Once the height is set, pull down the prongs. Now, place the snare drum between these prongs. Adjust the angle of the snare drum based on your stick grip or style of playing.

snare drum set up


The first thing you are going to adjust is the hi-hat pedal for the electronic drum kit setup. Your one foot is engaged with the bass drum pedal so your other foot will focus on the hi-hat pedal. When you sit your feet are angled in the opposite direction. So both the pedal should be placed in such a way that they point outward making a “V”. For mounting the hi hats you will have to place it between two felts. To keep them in place use nuts. If there are no chances of your hands crossing over while you play drums then set the hi-hat low otherwise set them up. You have to make sure that it is easy for you to switch between the shoulder and stick tip for rhythmic variation.

hi hat


Based on the type of tom you are using you will have to continue with the metal drum setup. If the tom is free standing then mount it on the stand next to the kick drum. Adjust the height of the floor tom similar to the snare drum. Once the height is set to angle it towards you.

In case of mounted ones, the toms will rest on the top of the drum and placed on a tom holder. Make sure that the toms are not angled too steep. It will hinder with the rebound rate of the head. Another thing you have to pay attention to is the correct angle and height. They should be mounted in such a way that you have to raise your wrist or shoulder in an inconvenient manner. Go with what you feel and do not let the bottom hoops touch the bass drum. 

toms set up


You can add the cymbals to the drum kit at last. Cymbals are known for causing injuries if not set up perfectly so make sure you do this carefully. Begin with the ride followed by a crash. Place the ride cymbals either next to the floor tom or in front of it. It is just to ensure that the floor toms are close enough so that they are in close reach of your stick. You can angle it towards you or keep it flat. The height should be such that it doesn’t catch the floor tom.

Coming to the crash cymbal that needs to be placed just above the snare drum and high tom. Amongst the different parts, this cymbal is placed at the highest point. With greater height, it offers better separation for you so that you can begin with miking easily. You must keep them angled as it gives you better reach of the cymbal. 


Here, we have shared the process and the important tips that you can use without even a drum setup diagram. These are some of the key points that the experienced drummers while setting up their kit. With these points, we are sure you are going to set up the drums with the right way that will enhance your overall performance. We have even considered the fact that some drummers hurt themselves due to incorrect setup. This guide is an absolute delight for the beginners who still don’t know the right way to set up their kits. If you are facing any sort of difficulty in setting up then contact us and we will answer your queries. You can check out the beginner drum set for adults to begin with the right kit.

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