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Want To Play Faster Than Ever? Follow These Double Bass Tips

Are you juggling to find out the right double bass tips? Just like you, many others are still not able to master the use of the double bass drum. There are many forms of styles like fusion, punk, and jazz that require the use of these drums. Alternatively, there could be two pedals on the same bass drum. This idea was originally used by a jazz drummer whose name is Louie Bellson. You won’t believe but this idea struck his mind while he was still in high school. If you are a versatile drummer then you have to be fast at double bass drumming.

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Double Bass Tips

If you are playing double bass then the most challenging part would be to play them fast. Drummers often fail in doing so as they are not aware of the right double bass drum warm-up exercises or tips. One of our group members has played bass drums for years. We are sharing the tips that helped him drum faster. Let us make it clear to you that it's important to practice some of these exercises or follow these tips regularly. None of your favorite drummers were born with high-speed bass drumming. They have put in a lot of effort to master the same.

  • The first tip is for those who do not have a double bass drum but want to learn it. For this, the first thing you have to do is hit the bass drum. After that immediately hit the toms. This should be done as fast as possible. It will give you the feel of playing two bass drums.
  • It is important to use your legs and ankles. With pedals, your legs get involved in up and down motion. So drummers neglect the fact that if you are going to put too much pressure on the legs then you will get tired fast. So use your ankles. Practice the motion of your legs and ankles in different tempo markings so that you get used to it.
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  • For maximum speed, you can take advantage of the sweet spot. The sweet spot is that part of the pedal that will give you the benefit of most power without high effort. For this, place your foot on the pedal in such a way that the groove touches the center of the pedal. With the first few uses, you will be able to see the results.
  • Speed comes with control. If you want to truly speed up the drumming of the double bass drum then learn to control the pedals. It takes more effort to control the speed in slow tempo as compared to a faster one. So start with the difficult one. Practice more and more in a slow tempo and then move to a higher tempo. This is one of the best double bass drum lessons for beginners.
  • Drummers do know that they need to practice more and more to polish their art. But do they really focus on practicing it all? They want to know what are the different type of stick grips and how to improve the hand speed. That’s when they neglect their feet. You have to use a different approach by practicing with your feet again and again. Repetitively doing the double kick exercises will improve your double bass speed.
  • If you think that even after following different techniques there is no significant improvement in speed then check double bass pedal settings. Maintain a balance between everything when you set up the bass drum and pedal. Both the pedals should be fixed in a similar manner so that when you play the drum the sound is almost similar. Also, tune the pedal a little loose to ensure more control over the beater of the pedal.
  • If you are practicing drums for a while then your left foot is way more experienced than your right foot. Drummers start using the hi-hat in the beginning so their left foot is in rhythm. We would recommend you to start practicing the notes or beats with the left foot. Eventually, you can turn to the right foot as well. For better practice through hands electronic drum pads are best
  • There is a certain amount of foot dexterity needed so that the double bass drum sound even. You can do so by playing rudiments that are used for hands by using your feet. Some of the most basic ones are drags, singles, flams, and doubles. In fact, the paradiddle one is known for increasing the speed so do include these rudiments.
  • You can practice a certain form of exercises that are related to muscles. Calf raising is one of those simple exercises that can work. You will have to stand on the floor and then raise the foot section. Keep doing this for a certain period of time. You can check online for the videos to do this exercise more precisely.
  • Be creative in finding out the right exercise for yourself. You can research to know more about them. If you know how to play double bass drum then some simple exercises will definitely work in your favor. Also, do mark your progress through the process. For this, there are various tools available in the market. If there is even slight improvement then it will keep you motivated to work even harder. A disciplined form of learning or practice always helps. 


We truly believe that these bass drums tips are going to take your double bass game to another level. Some basic exercises like the calf exercise will make you play these drums without sacrificing your muscle strength. If you know how to hit the double bass heads the right way then it will improve your drumming quality. We have shared what we have experienced that’s why we are sure that it will work for you. If your kids love drum sets then you can gift them what suits their age group. For this, do check the drum set for kids reviews in detail. If these tips work for you then do share your experience it will keep us motivated to post more tips for the aspiring drummers.

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