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Cheap Drum Sets 2019 To Begin Drumming On A Budget

Hello Readers! We know how important it is for an artist to buy the right set of instruments. Even if you know how to play the drum sets in the best way, an incorrect instrument may spoil your performance. Now, everyone cannot afford those high-quality instruments with a high price range. That’s why we have come up with this article for our readers who want to start their journey with a budget-friendly or cheap drum set. We do understand that nothing can beat those advanced pricey drum sets but we can buy the drum sets that are quite similar to them in quality.

Don’t get confused by the term “cheap”. Some people consider it as a sign that the product is not of good quality. Those days are gone long ago when such was its significance.

Now, the products that are in a budget or of low price are considered cheap. You might be wondering how did we choose the good cheap drum sets? You will get to know when you will read the complete article. 

women playing drums

Stagg 3 Piece Drum Set

Highly Durable

Stagg Drum Set


The drum set comes in two styles i.e. 3 piece and 5 piece. It is a beautiful drum set that comes along with tuning key.

Mapex 5 Piece Drum Set

Soniclear Bearing Edge

Mapex Drum Set


Mapex is our absolute favorite as it is a complete drum set that produces clear tone and quick rebound.

Mendini By Cecilio

Metallic Finish

Mendini kit


The drum set is highly recommended for kids and comes with padded drum throne and wooden drum sticks.

1. Directly Cheap Beginner’s Drum Set

Beginning with the list of drum sets the Directly cheap is our first choice. We particularly feel that this drum set is affordable and is great for the drummers. Whether you are looking for a drum set for beginner or kid this would work perfectly.

This is a premium quality three piece drum set. Due to its great sound, it has been one of the most popular pieces of the drum set. 

The central snare drum and toms on the side sound perfect. It is obvious that the addition of two to three cymbals would have been great but it isn’t bad either.

If your kid has the really serious aspiration to work as a drummer then he deserves a serious musical instrument. Don’t make mistakes like others who gift their children toys to play instead of drums to learn.

drum sticks in perfect lighting

There is another plus point associated with this kit. While manufacturing this piece, real drum specifications were kept in mind. So you can say that it is a scaled-down version of the drum set for adults.

To make sure that the drum set sounds according to your need it is made fully tunable. You can tune both the top and bottom heads.

You will get to use a 10-inch snare drum, 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch brass ride cymbal, and 10—inch tom-tom. Enjoy your first drum set experience with the adjustable stool, drum sticks, and more.


  • More than 10 color options
  • Two months of free live sessions
  • Different size options
  • Tuning key included


  • Quality of cymbals could be better

2. Stagg Three Piece Drum Set

Stagg is a beautiful piece of a drum set. You might think that the drum sets look a bit similar then why are we referring this one as beautiful? 

Just look at the color of this kit. It is blue in color but this blue is something else. It will give you those immediate drum playing feels and you will never feel like delaying your practice sessions.

There are other color options too but this one is our personal favorite. If you don’t like this color then choose a red or black drum set. If you are a beginner or kid then the three-piece set will work perfectly fine for you.

For professionals, we would recommend a five-piece set that is also available. You will get the bass drum, wooden snare drum, tom, crash cymbal, tuning key, throne, and more. Being particular we would say that the drum set has all you need in your budget. 

The set is durable so it can withstand ardent of players making it a cheap drum set of high quality.

If there would have been assembly instructions included in the package then it would have been our absolute favorite. You can take an expert’s help or watch some youtube videos for the same. Once assembled the kit seems perfect. If you know the best way to set up drums then you are good to go.


  • Two style options
  • Start playing immediately
  • Sounds great
  • Durable


  • Cymbals need improvement

3. Carlsbro Electronic Drum Set

Carlsbro is a great electronic drum set option. The kit is quite affordable in comparison with other electronic sets that cost really high. The snare pad is dual-zone. This means you will get the independent pad and rim triggers.

For that real sound experience, you can fire both of them together. The single zone tom pads are perfect. Drummers often complain that when they play cymbals the sound is more ringing. This doesn’t let them give their best shot. Here, minute details of the cymbals are worked upon. .

There is a manual choke on the cymbals that keeps the sound from ringing. Coming to the pad that plays an important role in playing some cymbals and drums is a treat to use. You can adjust the sensitivity and velocity response according to your taste. Also, crosstalk adjustment is possible. 

Carlsbro Drum Kit

This will further minimize false triggers. You are also going to receive a drum module with three digits LED display. It includes 20 preset drum kits with diverse percussion and drum sounds. With the benefit of 10 additional kits, you can create and customize them with your style. 

Budding drummers are going to love this kit as it is a perfect option to develop their skills. There are 20 built-in songs so you can use the aux input to play along with the songs you love. The buttons are illuminated so you can make the settings even in the dark or dim lighting.

There is no doubt that this is a fully dynamic piece of a drum set that is collapsible and you should definitely invest in it.


  • Highly-visible controls
  • Includes assignable kits
  • Reverb effect
  • Metronome, record, playback option
  • Audio output
  • MIDI and USB ports


  • It would take a bit of time to assemble it.

4. Les Ailes Full Size Drum Set

Les Ailes drum set is our top recommendation for the adults. This is a complete package for you if you want are looking for the best cheap drum sets for adults. We don’t think there is any other set that will work the way this one does.

Drumming is an art that needs perfection. You can hear even a minute change in sound from good to bad. For perfection, you have to practice on the right drum set and this one exactly fulfills your needs. 

To ensure there is no delay in using this beautiful drum set it comes with drum sticks.

There is a long list of accessory that is included in this package. It starts with tom drums, bass drum, hi-hat, snare drum, stands, cymbals, and so on. Once you will check the price of the drum set you won't believe that you are getting so much at an affordable price.

Les Ailes Kit

While playing the drums the comfort level plays an important role. Your comfort is in your hands with this kit. Adjust the angles of the drums with the screws that are adjustable. Good workmanship is a sign that the manufacturer wants the customers to come back and repurchase the product.

That is what goes into manufacturing this piece. There is a ringing chord at the bottom of the drum. When you will play the drums the chord and the drum surface will resonate causing the music to sound.


  • Real wood shells
  • Gloss finish
  • High durability
  • Good resonation
  • Multiple accessories


  • Full-size drum set requires more space

5. Mapex 5 Piece Drum Set

Mapex is a five-piece drum set that is all black in color. The drum set will look amazing when you will play drums in a concert on stage. It is hard to find such a drum set online at an affordable rate.

This one seems to be perfectly doing the job for its users. You will get to use high quality and functional drum set. We do agree that the drum set price is a bit high in comparison to the others in this list but its worth it. Now, a cheap drum set has a different meaning for different people. 

For some, a 300$ drum set will be a cheap while for others a 500$. We have shortlisted all types of drum sets for you. 

This one is mars series of Mapex and believes us it's quite impressive. There is an addition of soniclear bearing edge to the birch drum shell. This allows the direct transmission of sound and reduces the unwanted frequencies. You will get a strong fundamental pitch and an effortless tuning experience.

It is a complete drum set that has a snare drum, two mounted toms, floor tom, and kick drum. The addition of soniclear tom suspension helps in increasing the vibration in the shell.

This will keep stress away from the tension rods and keep the heads in tune. The series is versatile that makes it perfect to play a wide range of styles. With the use of power and versatility, it is well-suited for the drummers who want a portable kit for themselves. 


  • Realistic drum pads
  • Great sounding kit
  • Quick rebound
  • Effortless tuning
  • Versatile drumming option


  • Pricey in cheap drums list

6. Orasant Cheap Drum Set For Beginners

Orasant is a portable drum kit that has taken creativity and innovation to another level. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a drum set is a huge kit that takes a lot of space. Here, the manufacturer has made it easy for the ones with lack of space to play a drum set.

The set includes one snare drum, three toms, one crash, one ride, and one hi-hat cymbal. When it comes to sounds all aspects are taken care of. The first one is that the sound could disturb the people who stay near you. In such a case, you can wear the headphone so that nobody hears the sound of a drum set. 

Another thing is the built-in dual speakers. These are amazing as you will get the real drum effect. The astonishing deep bass sound is a treat to hear.

The drums are powered by 2400mAh rechargeable battery. It is built in and the one-time charge lasts up to 10 hours of use. So you won’t have to charge it again and again while practicing. Another benefit of 10 hours of charge is that you can carry it anywhere without worrying about the power source.

Orasant drum kit

Just order the kit without worry as there is 100% money back guarantee associated with the kit. Also, there is free replacement policy so even if there is an issue then you can replace it. With such a compact and portable kit that will roll up to even more smaller size, you are sorted.

If drumming is your hobby or you are still exploring your interest in it then this one is a great buy. You won’t regret buying it as you can easily store it in less space. Another interesting addition that will give you the feel of real drums is the pedals. You can use them for kick drum and play them in the combination of drums for a realistic experience.


  • Portable drum set
  • Built-in speakers
  • Realistic sound
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Jack for computer and cell phone


  • Would work best for one with drumming as a hobby

7. Mendini By Cecilio Junior Drum Kit

Mendini by Cecilio is one of the best cheap drum sets. This drum set is suitable for use by kids or junior, beginner, and teens. One drum set serves multiple age groups. We truly believe that it is not necessary that you buy a full drum set for any of these age groups in the beginning.

If a drummer is performing on stage with a whole set then don’t think that you have to buy a whole kit. All of them have begun with a small kit and eventually shifted to a full set.

Coming to kit details, it includes bass drum, mounted snare, mounted tom, and cymbal. Don’t worry about the pedals, they are included in the package. When you play drum sets it is important that you sit in a comfortable position as you have to continuously sit on the throne.

If you are going to buy the throne separately then there is no guarantee that you will get the perfect one. Here, you will receive the set along with drum throne so you can instantly start playing. If you and your friends are going to use this kit then adjust the height accordingly as it is adjustable.

Mendini Set

If you are thinking that with so much it might be lacking behind in the quality product then that’s not the case. Along with the use of hardwood shells, there are triple flanged hoops that make it a perfect setting for the young players. For set up, you can even refer to the instructions that come along with the set.


  • Five colors
  • Metallic finish
  • Adjustable throne
  • Wooden drum sticks
  • Suitable for many


  • Requires assembly that takes time

How To Choose Your Drum Set?


When you go on to find the cheap drum set for sale you will find that there are tons of options. These options can be categorized based on various criterion. One of them is the age group. If the kit is for a teenager then choose an intermediate kit. For kids, the choice would be different as they don’t want many functions.

Number of Pieces

For beginners, we highly recommend a kit that has only three-piece and cymbals. You do not in the beginning that what style suits you or what are the functions that you need. So, in the beginning, go for a cheap drum set for beginners. Alternatively, choose an advanced kit for the professional like the Mapex drum set.


The quality of the product is an important factor but if you going to buy a really cheap drum set then you may have to adjust a bit. Although we have included only good quality cheaper options you may find bad quality one online. Buying a cheap drum set is tricky as you don’t want to compromise on quality and still want a cheaper set.


The price of the product is your top concern as you are looking for a cheap drum set. Just click on the link and compare the price of a different product to select one for yourself. We would highly recommend that you consider other factors like the instrument quality, piece, and additional benefits before finalizing one.

Type of wood 

The type of wood used for manufacturing plays an important role. If birch wood is used then it will produce a balanced sound and will be apt for recording. Similarly, maple is known for bright tones and high versatility. Do some research to know about them in detail and finally choose one.

Space requirement

Drummers who want to buy a portable drum set can skip this criterion. Portable sets are usually small in size or of roll-up type. If the drum set is of full size then you must check its dimensions and match it with your home or studio’s space. If the set itself takes up the whole space in your room then it is of no use. Don’t go with the excitement of buying a new kit. There has to be some practical consideration before proceeding for the purchase.


What is the best cheap drum set?

The best cheap drum set would be the one that falls in your budget. This means according to each and every individual’s budget the best one would be different. For some drum set below 10000 will be a good while for others below 1000. The quality consideration remains the same but the functions and other requirements differ. If you are getting a drum set in your budget will all the necessary parts then consider it the best one for you? 

How much is a good drum set?

A good drum set be it for kids or adults will range between 100$ and 999$. If the drum set has a collection of tracks, sequencer, input for MP3 and other additional benefits then it will cost you a bit. In fact, the practice drum pads that more or less sound similar may cost you as less as 80$. Once you are going to check the other articles on drum sets you will find that we have shortlisted one for each one of you. 

How can I make a cheap drum?

Buy good quality drum heads, bass drum, and cymbals. After that assemble them and check if they fit with each other in terms of playing drums. You will have to take out time for tuning them perfectly. This is even facilitated by the electronic drum tuner. These are some basic steps to make your own cheap drum set. We would recommend buying the assembled as it will save your time and energy. If you will buy its parts separately then it will be quite difficult for you to assemble and make the right kind of set for yourself. 

How do you dampen drums?

There are multiple ways to do it. Just take a small piece of paper towel and fold it to make a square. Using the duct tape, tape the towel on the edge of the head. This trick is simple and works best for dampening drums. You can even use a self-adhesive gel for this purpose. These are good and don’t even leave a sticky residue. 

How many cymbals are in a drum set?

It depends on the drum set you are buying. If you are buying a kids or beginners drum set then it will have two or three cymbals. In the case of the professional drum set, the count reaches four. There is one hi-hat on the left while ride cymbal is on the right. Also, you will find two crash cymbals in the kit.

What are the different terminologies used for the drum set?

Other than the names of the different parts of the drum set there are other terms used for the kit. The breakables are the ones that consist of the sticks, snare drum, and various cymbals. For the bass drum and toms, the term shells are used. The drum stands, cymbal stands, and pedals come under the category of hardware. You must know these terms as the product description may use these terms and you won’t understand what they are describing.

Who invented the drums?

The first appearance of the drums goes back to as far as 6000 BC. It was Mesopotamian excavations that unearthed the small cylindrical drums. It was not used for a performance as a source of entertainment. They used wooden constructed drums for religious ceremonies. Another interesting fact about the drums is that they were not played by the same person. The bass drum was played by one musician and the snare drum and cymbals by others.


There are a variety of reasons that drummers search for the cheap drum sets. That’s why we have researched even more keeping mind the need of all of them. There is a really cheap roll-up kit for those who want a portable set for their kids just for the sake of a hobby. For those who want a high-quality drum set with everything, a professional drummer would need there is Mapex. It's important for you to be sure about your requirements before buying any electric drum set.

Make a list of your requirements and match it with the budget to decide your favorite piece. Do check out the homepage with multiple electronic drum set options. Also, our team is concerned about the queries that may arise while buying the drum set. So we are here to answer all of them in the quickest way possible. Do let us know what are your views on our list of drum sets.

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