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9 Best Toddler Drum Set Reviews With Buyer’s Guide

Do you know how beautiful that view would be when you will see your toddler playing drums? You might not know that a young talent is born in your house. Just give them an opportunity to showcase their musical instinct through toddler drum set. You might have noticed that babies instantly react to different types of sounds. If you are going to play a musical instrument near your toddler then he will immediately react to it.

If you are going to play the drums in front of your toddler then he will definitely try to hold the sticks. Babies get attracted to different types of sounds. In a way, this is going to help in the development of their sensory organs. Your child will get a sense of rhythm with these kits.

 It is not necessary that the toddler’s musical skills will only improve. When you hear the music you automatically feel like dancing to the tunes. If the drum set has in built songs then your child will start dancing. This will help in the improvement of their muscle strength.

It's just not a drum kit that you are buying for your toddler. You are buying something that will bring overall development of the child in a positive way. If you are still thinking that whether you should buy a toddler electronic drum set or not then you shouldn’t. This would be one of the righteous decisions you would make for your toddler. 

Baby patting on drums

We don’t want to scare you but by the time you will start exploring the varieties of drum sets on the internet you will realize the list is never-ending. Every website has different options with varied prices.

Now, buying online is itself a task as you cannot physically examine the quality of the product. We ourselves examine the products to see if they really work. Our team is dedicated to finding out the best products for our readers.

WolVol Toy Drum Set

Versatile Learning Tool

WolVol Toddler Drum Kit

WolVol is an electric big toy drum set that is movable and comes with stool. Get additional benefits through tons of songs and melodies.

Hape Rock

Award Winning Product

Award Winning Hape Rock Drum Set

A traditional piece of drum set that is made using child safe materials and has non-toxic finish. Promotes creativity and dexterity.

1. WolVol Electric Toy Drum Set

Do you want a colorful drum set for your toddler? If the color is one of the selecting factors for choosing the drum set then this could be the best choice for you. The moment we saw this kit we fell in love with its design or look.

We do know that along with the design you are also interested in knowing about its functions. You can play songs or listen to them, the set works best in both the ways. Your children can play and come up with their own creations. 

The set has amazing melodies, dance music, drum beats, or songs that they can just relax and enjoy. You will have to just let your children explore their talents. Let them realize what they are good at. 

The drum set already looks bright with the choice of colors and is ready to attract children the time it is taken out of the box. On the top of the bass drum, there are different colored stars. Once these stars light up the drum set looks super cool. 

This is a learning tool that will introduce your children to the musical skills and develop them at the same time. With this tool, their attention span and memory will improve. Also, their motor skills will be refined. Its amazing songs collection is going to give your child a soothing and relaxing experience.

WolVol Toddler Drum Kit

If your child’s birthday is around the corner and you want to gift something extraordinary then go for this set. With sturdy plastic construction, the drum set is built to last a really long time. So it would be a perfect choice for the toddlers as there are multiple attractive features. The set includes a stool, cymbal, microphone, and two drum sticks.


  • Movable working microphone
  • Bass drum and pedal with drum sticks
  • Inbuilt collection of beats and melodies
  • Great gift
  • Attractive design


  • It isn’t foldable

2. B Toys Drum Kit

Rock and roll with this marvelous piece of the drum set. This is a toy drum set that would be the perfect partner for your kid looking for some entertainment. Along with entertainment, it is going to be a learning experience for your toddler.

This portable parade can be carried anywhere so if you are traveling somewhere then you can carry it along with you. Music is known for being a key player in the child’s development. It will encourage your child to think creatively and develop social skills. 

Your children will try different ways to produce a sound that will boost their imagination. Playing drums requires coordination so it will strengthen the coordination of hands and eyes. 

It is a sensory toy that is designed beautifully. The bright and uplifting color combination comes with different textures. Also, there are some bristles, bumps, knobs, and twisty handles. There are some parents who are extremely conscious about the materials of the products they give their children.

Young buy plays the drum

With toxic products available in the market it is good to take care of these little things. With B toys you won’t have to worry about it. The material is BPA and phthalates free so their won’t be any harm caused to your children.

The set includes everything your kid would need to begin with the musical journey. It includes one toy drum, castanets, two drumsticks, one whistle, one shaka egg, and one tambourine. With multiple instruments, your child surely has a lot to learn.

Although there are multiple pieces you can store all of them in the drum. With such a convenient storage option we don’t think anyone would think of skipping this product. The dimensions are 9.6 x 11.6 x 9.3 in inches.


  • Easy to store
  • Seven pieces
  • Intriguing design
  • Safe material usage
  • Toddler-proof construction


  • Recommended for 18 months and above toddlers

3. Rabing Toddler Drum Set

If you want your kid to mainly focus on learning certain pieces of drum set then give Rabing a try. We love how the manufacturer is not trying to sell multiple instruments and want to focus on some.

This would be great for both the manufacturer and the user. Focusing on little often delivers the best results. Let us now get into what you will get with this set. There are three drum pads and two cymbals. These produce a unique sound that is good for the sensory development of the baby.

We often concentrate on the outer appearance of the baby and forget that inner development is equally important. Feeding them with nutrient-rich food is important but don’t you think you should try other methods too?

The drum set has five different modes. There four types of interesting sound effects, five light music with flashing lights, three simulation drums, and dynamic rhythm, and ten beautiful songs.

This is enough for any toddler to start with their drumming experience. That’s why we consider it the best junior drum set.

Rabing Kids Toddler Drum Set

To give your child that real drummer feeling it comes equipped with two drumsticks. You can show the toddler how to use the drum sticks. At an early age we learn things more quickly.

The volume of the drums is adjustable. So you can ensure that even if the baby hits really hard on the drum pads the volume is not too harsh for their ears. 


  • Available in different colors
  • Children’s play modes
  • Educational Toy
  • Microphone with cable
  • Cartoon design


  • Microphones have a cable attached that is only 90cm long

4. First Act Discovery With Blue Stars

First Act Discovery is another interesting addition to the list of the toddler drum set. We are using the term interesting because till now you have only seen sets that look like a real one but this is actually a real drum set.

This one is aptly designed for the toddlers who really feel that these sets are not only for playing but you can do more with it. That’s why we haven’t used the term toy drum set with it.

Don’t you think the stars on the drum set and the whole design is quite impressive? Here, you will also get the option of a pink toddler drum set.

Although we do not believe in color discrimination that pink is for girls only but they love this color so you can gift it to your daughter. The pink one is more sparkling giving it a fanciful appearance. 

Young toddler performing on stage

There are several components and accessories included in the package. You will get snare drum, drum key, drum seat, drum sticks, bass drum with foot pedal, cymbal, and tom drum. If you do not have much knowledge about drumming then you can use the color and shape learning guide. The guide will use the visual medium to teach your toddler the basics.

Also, the mounting of the drum set won’t take much time. The patented push mounts make it super easy for you to assemble it in minutes. Also, the drum seat is collapsible so it won’t take much of your floor space.

We personally feel that you can gift it to your toddler of 36 months. The reason is a very small


  • Two design options
  • Authentic drums
  • Supreme learning option
  • Learning guide included
  • Foldable drum seat


  • Little pricey as it is a real drum set

5. Best Choice Products Musical Drum Set

The product is itself named best choice and we truly believe that the kit goes by its name. This would be the best choice of drums for toddlers. This kit is one of the greatest advantages for parents who want their kids to explore the musical genre.

Toddlers are in the happiest state when are involved in fun activities that are musical. Ever since the launch of this colorful music instruments parents have been appreciating it. 

One of the moms claimed that she bought it for her two-year-old son. Her son loves playing this drum set and she believes that it would work for him till he gets seven or eight years old. Isn’t it great? You invest in a toddler drum set and for years your kid can enjoy using it. Thus, it is like a one-time investment.

The toy drum set comes with cymbal, bass drum, microphone and left/right snare drums that give your toddler a fantastic experience. If your neighbors do not like the sound of the drum set then you can adjust the volume of the kit. So the drum set is suitable for both loud and quiet environments.

Best Choice Products Toddler Drum Kit

There are five buttons on it that are numbered one to five. On pressing each button different background music will play. You can even modify the sound effects by using the four light-up buttons. 

Along with drumming your toddler can even sing. There is a working microphone that is perfect for your child to jam out with. With the help of 3 AA batteries, the drum set will work wirelessly.


  • Five background music options
  • Four light-up buttons
  • Two drumsticks
  • Adjustable volume
  • Works for toddlers and kids


  • Batteries are not included

6. Award Winning Hape Rock Wooden Drum Set

Award winning hape rock is a simple yet highly functional piece of the drum kit for toddlers. The manufacturer has showcased the truly traditional style of drumming through this set.

It is true that we are living in a highly competing environment where technology keeps on changing. So even you would prefer going with the flow and investing in an electronic kit.
The drum set is recommended for the ages of 36 months and up. It seems perfect as at this age your toddler will be able to reach the drums and play them easily. 

The drum kit has everything a budding musician would need like cymbals, rhythm-makers, and drums. 

You won’t get those advanced functions like background music or sound effects. It is for those parents who want their child to discover the art of drumming on their own. In this way, the basics of the child will be more clear. The manufacturer has a reputation that is built only after delivering quality products.

The paint is child-safe and the construction is solid. Also, all the safety standards are followed to ensure the product is safe for toddlers. 

Hape Rock Drum Kit

Your toddler can learn by first clapping hands and learning about musical beats. After learning about the same your kids can try playing those musical beats by using the drum set. If you find such junior drum sets for sale then you should immediately place an order for them. It is very popular due to its excellent quality.

Also, it has been awarded the Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award in 2014. This makes it clear that the product is of exceptional quality.


  • Perfectly scaled drum set
  • Non-toxic finish
  •  Promotes musical skills
  • Creative approach
  • Good for promoting creativity


  • Not for those who want modern technology

7. Fisca Baby Musical Drum Toy Set

Fisca is quite an impressive piece of the drum set for the toddlers of ages up to 3 years. The name of this version of the drum set is DJ Bongo. Due to its amazing appearance and multifunctional ability, it is the baby’s favorite piece.

The time you will give it to your child, it will raise your baby’s interest in knowing more about it. If you want your toddler to get involved in a musical activity that helps in improving other aspects of his or her personality then this could be your choice. This includes an increase in creativity level, hand-eye coordination, and development in physical activity.

These types of toddler bongo drums are one of the cutest addition to the list. Just look at the funny face painted on the drums. Toddlers love such cute drums.

It is named as DJ Bongo due to its multiple characteristics. It has 8 hip-hop music and cool stereo lights that you will get with the rhythmic beat of the drum. So the toddler will get the feeling of a DJ.

Fisca Baby Toddler Drum Kit

You might have not even imagined that you can buy a drum set that dances. Yes, the DJ Bongo will dance together with your baby. If you will beat the drum then it will stop dancing.

Also, if you will long press the drum then you can even make it fall asleep or wake up. Another captivating feature is its rotating hat. For choosing the different styles of music you need to rotate the hat. Each style comes with two different songs. So rotate the hat to switch between the four styles of music.


  • Interactive drum
  • Rotating hat for a different style of music
  • Dances on music
  • Cool stereo lights
  • Records voice
  • Lovely appearance


  • Doesn’t come with drum sticks

8. Mendini Three Piece Toddler Drum Kit

Mendini is a three-piece toddler drum set with stool. By the time toddlers reach the age of three, their mind is sharper and they try to sit on stools and chairs.

With the growth in their body and mind, we don’t think you should go for tiny kits. Its better you go for an option like Mendini that is a complete drum set for beginners. The drum set has a beautiful metallic finish that is available in five color options. So there is a red, blue, green, black, and purple drum set. 

When you are new to drumming its impossible to master the use of all the instruments that are part of the drum set. That’s why we have chosen this kit that comes with the bass drum, mounted snare drum and tom, and cymbal. 

Mendini Junior drum Kit

Toddlers and kids need even more comfort then we adults do. So the round padded seat will perfectly serve the purpose. Another thing that matters when you invest in a drum set is its durability.

The use of hard wood shells has made the drum set stronger. Although the drum set is bigger in size it is constructed in a space-saving manner. If you will closely look at the picture then you will find that all the parts are attached to the kick drum. That’s why it won’t take up too much space.


  • Best for aspiring drummers
  • Strongly built
  • One year warranty
  • Variety in colors
  • Pair of wooden sticks


  • Requires assembly

9. Fisher Price Toddler Drum set

The fisher price drum set is all about buying the best toddler drum set that is convenient. The manufacturer has recommended it for toddlers of three years of age. We believe a one year or two-year-old toddler can use it.

You can give the other small instruments that come with the drum set to your kid to play. Eventually, your toddler will get to know these instruments and start playing with the drum set.

Some parents are highly protective of their kids. So they think that while playing with the drum sticks they may hurt themselves. Initially, you can let your kid play the drums with hands. Meanwhile, you can train them on how to use the drum sticks. 

When it comes to the toddler drum set price it isn’t much expensive so you can buy it without worrying about the budget. With these interesting additions to your toddlers' life, you are actually helping them grow stronger. The improvement in their creativity and imagination will help them in future in choosing to drum as a career.

Also, you can organize small parties for the toddlers where your toddler can showcase his talent while having fun. We are sure once you will bring this piece to your home other parents in your neighborhood will invest in such kits.

Fisher Price Drum Kit

Since the instruments are not attached to each other mothers feel that it would be difficult for them to keep it together. This problem is solved as you can store everything in the drum itself. Just open the drum set and store all the parts in it. Also, it is a bit transparent so you can even view what’s inside it.

Here, you will get drum, recorder, whistle, maracas, castanets, and tambourine. With the recorder, you can record the toddler’s voice. 


  • Includes seven instruments
  • Improves self-expression and confidence
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable option
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t come with music or sounds

Are You Choosing The Toddler Drum Set The Right Way?

The time a product becomes popular or is in demand a lot of people start selling it. This is the reason customers get confused. If there is limited stuff then it is easy for you to select a product but the variety seems less. So its good that a lot of people are competing to deliver the same product as this will make them manufacture the best. There are certain points that will help you in the selection of a good product. You can consider these points so that you do not mistake by investing in the wrong product.

Toddler playing the drums

Types Of Drums

You are going to buy it for a toddler so it is important to understand that you cannot simply buy any set. For the toddlers that age around 12 months, you must invest in a single piece set. These are easy to use so your kid will easily get used to it. Once you see that your toddler is loving it and would like to explore more than invest in a three-piece set. There is no doubt in it that the number of instruments like cymbals, snare drum would mean more engaging activity. So make a choice according to your toddler’s needs. Alternatively, the toddlers can even try their hands on the electronic drum pads


The size of the drum set greatly matters as it will define the ease with which the toddler can play the drums. In most cases, it is mentioned that only a certain age group of toddlers can use it. You must read the information given on the website carefully. Another way of checking that whether the drum size is perfect for your toddler or not is through the dimensions. It will give you an idea that whether the drum set is apt for your kid or not.

Best Toddler Drum Set


While buying the drum set do not forget that you are buying it for your toddler and not for a grown-up drummer. Some people neglect this aspect and buy a simple drum set. Look for the best design. The drum sets that are specially designed for the toddlers are more colorful. These designs attract them and they will be happier while playing drums. This is an interesting factor by which you can train them at an early age.

toy drum sets

Functions Or Modes

The drum set for toddlers is not huge with advanced sampling functions. In fact, they are basic but there are certain functions that can make their drumming experience more enjoyable. There are various learning and play modes that will help them in self-learning. Let your toddler discover on his own that which style is more interesting for them.


There is no age for learning anything but you should be able to old enough to handle the things. If you are going to gift a three months old baby a drum set then it is of no use. Wait for the baby to be able to hold things so that he himself shows interest in it. If the toddler is about 12 or 18 months old then buy a small drums set. It will be easy for him to handle it. For the age group of 3 to 3.5 years its better you opt for a real drum set. The reason is that it is a growing age and eventually a whole real drum set will work for them.

play on drum kit


Although the toddler drum set is small in size that doesn’t mean it won’t take space. You will have to keep it on the floor so it would take some floor space. If you are buying a drum set that is a bit large in size then it will be accompanied by stool. If guests visit your home then you wouldn’t want your toddler to play on a drum kit in the middle of the room. So make sure there is some space in another room where the toddler can have fun without disturbing you.


The price of these drum sets varies based on the functions you are going to get. It is obvious that a drum set that is of high quality and better function will charge you a bit. Still, you will find one in your budget. Most of the drum sets are highly affordable as they are meant for toddlers. It depends on parents whether they want their children to get involved in the creative activity at a young age or not.

Some parents think that it is a waste of money to buy toy drum sets. This shouldn’t be your case. It is important to involve your toddler in activities that require creative participation. This will help them grow healthy with a strong mind. 


What age is a junior drum set for?

The junior drum sets include set for toddlers and kids. The ones meant for toddlers are for the age group 12 months to 4 years. For the age group for more than 4 years and less than 11 years, the sets are a bit bigger in size. We even have a separate article that shares the drum set for kids reviews. You will find the ones that are meant specifically for the kids that do not belong to the category of toddlers.

What is the difference between a junior drum set and a normal one?

The difference between a junior drum set and a normal one is as vast as it is between kids and adults. It is certain that there is a difference between the capabilities of toddlers and adults. You cannot give an advanced drum set to a kid. For juniors, the sets are smaller in size so that the instruments are in proper reach of them. Also, there are music and sound options so that the kid can practice along with them.

Another variation is in terms of design. To attract kids the design is more attractive that is with cartoons, stars or sparkles. In a normal drum set, you will find what is needed for the drummers to master their skills. All the instruments are included with advanced options.

What age is a junior drum set for?

A junior drum set has two categories. One is for toddlers and another one is for kids. Here, the article has covered the toddler drum set reviews. So you can buy them mainly for 12 months old to five years old. In the case of one for kids, there is an electronic drum set for kids whose age lies between four years to the twelve-year-old kid.

What’s in a full drum set?

A full drum set is one that comes with all the parts needed for the drummer. This would include the snare drum, kick drum, bass drum, tom-toms, floor tom, and hi-hat. When you are sure that you want to learn to drum properly then you should be ready with the full drum set.

Which drum set brand is best?

Out of the products that we have reviewed the Wolvol, First Act Discovery, and Hape Rock are our personal favorite. It's not about the brands all the time but yes the reputed ones provide quality products and provide better service. In fact, Hape Rock is being awarded as the best product so you can understand how good it is going to be.


It is true that during childhood it is easy for us to learn things. We are not worried that we want to become the best or prove someone that how capable we are. If we are taught something then we learn it just for the sake of learning or having fun. With these toddler drum sets you are going to shape up their life in the right direction.

These instruments are best to let your toddlers explore the musical genre. For the toddlers of twelve or eighteen months old, the WolVol or Award Winning Hape Rock will be best. In case your toddler is three years old then you can go for the Mendini drum set or Best Choice Products drum kit. Our team has spent hours to find out the best ones for your toddlers. All the aspects are monitored whether it is durability, safety or anything else.

So you won’t regret buying any of these sets. Also, we are here to answer your queries on the toddler drum set. So you can use the comment box to contact us anytime. For buying a product the list of questions that come up in anyone’s mind are already covered. You can even share your reviews if any on any of these sets. Bring the best one for your little one.

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