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9 Best Professional Drum Sets Reviews-Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

It is easy to say that “I am planning to buy a professional drum set” but it is hard to find one. This decision of yours certainly means that you have finally decided your career path. You want to work in the field of music and playing drum sets is your passion.

We are sure you will excel in this field as we are going to guide you in selecting the right set through the professional drum set reviews. Our team consists of professionals who have themselves played a variety of drum sets. So you are at the right place to find your new professional drum kit.

Drums in lighting

Some drummers believe that a professional kit can be only bought by paying a high price. That’s not true. The drum set companies are not focused on selling high-quality drum sets to only rich.

They want their drums to reach talented people. We also believe in it. That’s why while going through the different drum kits and doing complete research on them we examined budget-friendly kits too.

Thus, you won’t go empty-handed from here. You will get what you want and that too in your budget and style. 

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Inbuilt Sequencer

Alesiis Best Kit


It is our superior choice as it is a complete set with advanced features. Its premium resonance and in-demand sound makes it one of the best.

Simmons Electronic Kit

Tension-able Mesh Heads

Simmons Electric Drum Kit


Its a five piece drum set that is compact in size. The sound is bigger than you would expect from a professional kit and comes with excellent sound module.

Gammon Adult Drum Set

Memory Locks

Gammon Professional Drum Set


This vibrant colored drum set looks amazing on stage. Its an affordable drum set that is best for value and has interesting features.

1. PDP By DW 7-Piece Set

The PDP By DW is the first one in the list because we do think it is the best professional kit available online. There are two configurations of the set available for the user to choose from. You can choose the one with drumsticks or without drumsticks.

If you already drumsticks then no need to pay an extra amount for it. The drum set with pro-features is an inexpensive drum set. You can choose from a wide variety of the most popular custom shop sizes without breaking the bank.

The PDP concept series is a completely new re-imagined line of drums. The advancement in look and sound has made it every drummer’s first choice. With 7-ply tom or kick shells and 10-ply snare shells, you won’t have to compromise on sound or quality.

Some of its high-end features include Suspension Tom Mounts, MAG throw-off, true pitch tension rods, proportionate counter hoops, low-mass claw hooks, and more. So all in all you are buying a kit that will last you longer.

Some drum sets lose their charm as the finish starts coming off the set. Here, the lacquer finish is durable so whenever you will perform on stage your drum set will shine like a new one. We don’t think any manufacturer has paid so much attention to the drum set as this one has done.

You won’t be receiving stands and cymbals with PDP drums. Some might think of it as a disadvantage but its better you buy your own good quality cymbals. If there are some space issues at your home then you can even opt for the five-piece drum set.

Coming to the colors, the professional drum set is available in black sparkle, blue sparkle, pearlexcent white, red to black fade, and more. 


  • Fully chromed snare wires
  • 5 piece and 7 piece option
  • Dual-turret lug
  • New look
  • Durable finish
  • Amazing sound


  • Cymbals not included

2. Alesis Surge Mesh Drum Kit

Here, we bring to you another amazing drum set and that is the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit. It's perfect for just everyone. It could be someone who wants to practice, teach, or use it professionally.

Just look at the picture of the drum set. Don’t you think it looks like a stage ready professional piece of a drum set? It includes just everything a modern drumming artist would need to play like a pro.

This one is an eight-piece electronic drum set. You will get to use 8 inches of dual-zone mesh tom pads, 10 inches of dual-zone mesh snare and 8 inches of mesh kick tower pad with pedal.

All mesh heads are going to provide you with a natural playing response. The three cymbals complete the package as they come with a virtually unlimited range of playing expression. So experiment with your style by using the crash cymbal, ride cymbal, and hi-hat.

Close look of the sound module

The premium mesh heads deliver an unmatched response with superior playability. What else would you demand from the best drum sets brands? The modern drumming is a bit rigorous that’s why the kit features an ultra-robust body that withstands such actions.

With four-mounting rack and collapsible chrome the drum set guarantees that you can truly express yourself without any sort of nuisance.

Coming to the heart and soul of the kit, it is the drum module. There is 40 drum kit with 385 sounds in it. Also, you will get access to 60 play-along tracks. 

A professional modern drummer will need all this. You can connect smartphones and aux-compatible devices to the aux input. Use these inputs to further enhance your performance and win audiences hearts. In a way, this kit has possibilities are virtually limitless.


  • Natural feel
  • Premium response
  • In-demand sound
  • Aux input
  • 40 Kits and 385 sounds
  • Connection labels


  • Trigger system would have been better

3. Pearl New Fusion Drum Shell Pack

With such a nice brand we don’t think there is much needed for the customer to look for still we have shared some highlights. Some people are brand freak so they do not go for the drum sets that are not popular.

Here, they will find the right drums in the form of Pearl kit. If you are new to this whole drumming scenario then you won’t know that Pearl is a highly appreciated brand amongst the drummers.

If you are planning to gift your kids a drum set then this one has an option for them too. The styles vary from 3 piece rock to 7 pieces. The one you can view in the picture is glossed deep red burst. For other options, you can switch between satin black burst, solid yellow, white satin pearl, and more.

These drum sets will push the boundaries of sound, value, and performance to a great level. With the use of maple shell, the set offers a resonant thunderous tone that too with a lacquer finish. You will rejoice a wobble-free performance as the three-way tom mount allow the shells to resonate freely.

Until and unless the hardware is not good you cannot expect the drum set to perform well. Considering the need of professionals it has professional hardware features. There is R40 air suspension floor tom feet, uni-lock gearless tom arms, and durable tuning lugs.

A friend of ours bought the Pearl drum set a long time ago and is still enjoying its use. With a limited lifetime warranty, it reflects a tradition of excellence. The company is truly committed to the needs of the drum players. That’s why we suggest you buy this one. If there is any sort of offer going on then you may even get it at a much cheaper rate.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Maple SST shells
  • Opt-loc mounting system
  • Gearless tom arms
  • Professional hardware usage


  • Toms need a stand for mounting

4. Best Choice Adult Drum Set

The best choice products are not new in the drum sets the manufacturing industry but have slowly gained popularity. A black drum set never goes out of choice. People love buying black drum sets due to their royal appearance and more stage-ready look. In our research, we have found that people are highly praising this piece of the set.

For professionals, this is a lovely complete drum set. There are five-piece, to begin with. You can make use of 2 rack toms, a snare drum, floor tom, and bass drum. For an even better experience, you will get the ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbal, and bass drum pedal. 

We believe that the drum sticks play a key role in making it easy for you to play drums in your style. With this classic range of drum sets, you will get the feeling of bygone eras of music.

The drum sets have high-gloss silver or black finish and white drum heads. With beautiful chrome details and stands it will give you a timeless reminiscent classic bands look.

Toms shown upclose

With the standard sized drum set, it will be easy for you to build upon with time. You can easily swap the cymbals and heads whenever they need replacement. That’s quite advantageous for those who want a certain type of cymbals in their drum set.

Professional perform with high energy and they have to carry their drum set from one place to another for their performance. Solid construction is the only way your kit will last longer. Best choice products seem to follow the same as they are constructed using solid wood and metals.

With dependable construction, you can rely on the drum set for years. To hone your skills you must definitely try using this drum set.


  • Full-size complete drum set
  • Sticks and stools included
  • Premium quality product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Silver finish


  • The cymbals are of average quality

5. Traps Drums Acoustic Drum Set

Initially, we were not impressed by the look of the drum set. We thought it looks quite different from the other drum sets. Soon we realized that in the end what matters for the drummers is the sound produced by the drum set.

That’s why we gave it a try and we are thankful to our team who insisted on researching and using this drum set. This is one of the best professional drum kits for sale. We are sure you will be happy about bringing this brilliant piece to your home.

If you have been continuously struggling to find out the portable drum set then you are going to thank us later for this kit. This is a portable kit that sounds just like any other regular drum set.

Some companies compromise on the material of the portable products but that’s the biggest mistake they make. The portable kits are folded and unfolded multiple times so they need extra strong construction. Here, the traps drums are constructed using ABS that is known for its durability.

Traps Portable Drum Set

The fitting involves use of Remo heads and steel counter hoops. Also, for tuning the use of traditional multi-screw tuning system makes it the best kit ever. This will allow you to use the pads for silent practicing. Another thing that matters is that the kit stays in place.

With portable kits, this seems to be a problem. Here, the rack system in which the hardware and drums will fit is made from substantial steel tubing. This would ensure that the set up remains intact and in place.

You can easily set up the drum set for either left or right-handed players. The ABS multifunctional joints will help you in doing the same. The rack is very strong and the four large rubber feet will properly support the rack.


  • Durable product
  • Multi-screw tuning system
  • Chromed tubing
  • Portable drum set
  • Rack mounting system


  • Cymbals are not included

6. Simmons Electronic Drum Kit

Simmons D350 range is an absolute delight for the professionals out there. This one is a really cool kit that you can use for recording and producing amazing sounds. It is generally hard to find an electronic drum kit at such a price range. So enjoy a bigger sound at less price.

This one is a full-size five-piece drum set. With 8 inches of tension-able mesh heads for snare drum and 3 toms, it makes for a perfect combination of a professional drum set.

You will get to play and experiment even more with the use of ride, crash, and hi-hat cymbals. It is convenient to use for practice, recordings, and rehearsals. With the real drum feel you will get to use the sound module that has 10 preset songs, 179 custom sounds, and 10 drum kits.

Simmons Sound Module

Technically the drum set has a lot to offer. You can make use of the simple interface with comprehensive navigation. There is a multi-pin pad connector USB and headphone outputs. Do not disturb the people around you and practice silently with the use of headphones. We don’t think in the limited budget any other drum set will provide you with such amazing features.

Its tension-able mesh heads will capture more nuanced sound than any other kit in this class. The drum sound module has multiple options like mute, start, song, kit, recording, and more. This clearly means you are going to get a lot more benefits as compared to a simple drum set.

The bass drum seems to be missing but don’t get disheartened. You are getting three toms, drum kits, and more. This is an affordable drum set so you can spend some amount on the bass drum. The bass drum pedal is included with integrated kick trigger. 


  • Mesh Pads
  • Affordable drum set
  • Convenient to setup
  • Multi-pin cabling
  • Perfect sound


  • The drum set will take a lot of space

7. Tama Superstar Drum Kit

Tama has been receiving great ratings ever since its launch. The classic tones of maple make it a superstar. Its shells are of superior quality that facilitates sterling tone and clear projection.

With this new launch, Tama has proved its amazing work. A combination of the high-end drum set with sensitivity is what makes it a perfect buy. Since the 1970s the manufacturer has been performing well and still competing to be the best.

The careful utilization of the maple shells has made it possible to produce rich resonance sound. It will power your backbeats and awaken your grooves. Coming to the minute mounting considerations, the bracket eye-bolts slide from one side to another. This prevents the eye-bolts from touching each other.

For shell resonance, the small lugs are designed separately. They take up less surface area so that the shells do not hinder in between. This is a modern iteration to their previously launched classic model that’s why we have listed it in best drum set 2019 list.

The tom holder system has been receiving applaud from the past years. This system offers easy positioning, stability, flexibility, and great sound. Its better than the standard design that penetrates the shell interior and inhibits resonance. The set includes toms, floor toms, bass drum, and snare drum.

All the drum heads of the drum set sound good. You won’t have to do extra internal muffling as the bass drum has ring mufflers. The claw hooks stabilize the wood hoops.

In a way, we can say that the manufacturer has worked on the minute needs of the drummers to give them an amazing experience of playing drums. The rustic color of the drum set seems to be giving a more classic vibe. Some professionals prefer such traditional looks and it may work for you too. 


  • Increased resonance
  • Perfect use of the surface area
  • The high-end tom holder system
  • Perfect sound
  • Wooden hoops
  • Strong mount system


  • Cymbals are sold separately.

8. Gammon Percussion Purple Piece Set

Gammon Percussion is known for its family-owned business. For years they are manufacturing these drum sets and winning the hearts of the drummers. The manufacturer has been continuously trying to maintain that quality throughout its series of products.

Another thing that is important to note is that the drum sets are available at an affordable rate with top quality. That’s why we think professionals are raving about its drums and always wait for its new series to launch.

We don’t think you have to worry much even after buying the product. The manufacturer has been providing excellent customer service. This has been one of the top reasons it has survived so far.

The bright purple color of the drum set is amazing and attracts attention immediately. This is a full-size drum set that a professional would need to perform on stage. There are five pieces that include toms, snare drum, and bass drum.

Important features of the kit

A major advantage that you are going to get with this piece is that the stands are included. People who do not want to waste their time in searching for the right stand will find this piece quite time-saving.

Now, you need a comfortable seat to play the drums that are included in the package. It has been designed to ensure that the drummer doesn’t have to adjust it again and again.

The mounted toms that you can see in the picture are adjustable. Just sit on the drum stool and make the necessary changes and lock them in place. You will get a pair of drumsticks to begin the time you receive the package. Also, the drum sets with a purple high gloss finish are hard to find so grab yours as soon as possible. This would be an excellent gift for your friend or relative. 


  • High-end brand
  • Memory locks
  • Stool and drumsticks included
  • High gloss finish
  • Finely tuned


  • No color options to choose from.

9. Pearl Roadshow Set

The Pearl roadshow drum set will work as the solid foundation for the professionals who are buying the set for the first time. Its sound quality seems to have improved from its former series.

It is aqua blue color is another highlight for the professionals. The design, setting, color, and sound seems to be perfect. We liked the use of 9-ply poplar shells for manufacturing this product. Its 45-degree bearing edges give it a modern touch. You can easily capture its fine sound using a mic.

Make the best use of the 22x16 bass drum, 12x9, 10x8 toms, 16x16 floor tom, and 14x5.5 snare drum. The 16 inches crash cymbal and 14 inches are also included in the package.

The only issue we think you would face is the non-availability of the product. With such an affordable range of Pearl, drum sets its obvious for the people to order it. Be quick in checking the details by clicking on the link given and buying this one. 

Pearl Drums

The double-braced hardware package is another thing you should look forward to. This hardware package would play a major role in ensuring that your drums are highly durable.

With this kit, you will get a professional pearl stick bag. Now, you know where you can keep the sticks to protect them from any sort of damage. Also, two pair of maple drum sticks for you to enjoy drumming for years.


  • Poplar shells usage
  • Double-braced package
  • Additional drum sticks
  • Sturdy construction
  • Matching snare drum


  • Assembling would take a lot of time


Is Pearl a good drum brand?

Yes, it definitely is. If you haven’t heard about Pearl drums yet then you are still unaware of the top drum set brands that sell high-quality sets. In the article, you will find two professional drums of Pearl because we found they are pretty good. With 70 years of continuous manufacturing, they have proved that they manufacture the best.

How many wires does a snare have?

It depends on the drum set you are planning to buy. There are drums with 10, 20, 30, or 40 strands. We personally don’t think that it makes a huge difference in the sound. You can try one or two types in a drum studio and see if you find any difference. The pitch may change but that’s all.

Can you improve the hand speed at the drum set on your own?

Yes, you can. Some drummers suggest that you take guidance from a senior drumming artist but that’s not necessary for everyone to follow. You can use some simple tricks and tips at your home and improve the hand speed significantly.

Are cheap drum sets of good quality?

The answer is yes and no. There are certain manufacturers who sell cheap drums of low quality. So you have to be careful while making a choice. You can refer to our good quality cheap drum sets that will guide you in selecting one and also consists of a list. This list is made after researching the various drums. You will find the best ones at an affordable rate in the article. The professional drum set price could be cheap too.


We are happy that we could provide you with the best drum kits 2019 list. Yes, it took us a lot of research to find the ones that will fit in for a variety of professional. In the end, we found these amazing drum sets. Yes, they do have some minor issues like the cymbals are not included in some but check the price. If the price is low then you can make an investment in cymbals on your own.

Another thing that matters is that the parts are not included doesn’t mean the drum set is not good. You may find the rest of them at a good price that too of high quality. If you think that we cover the reviews then you are mistaken. Do check out our other articles that will give you deep knowledge about the drumming techniques, bass drums, and more. For queries on the drums, you can contact us through the form that is right here at the bottom. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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