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An electronic drum set can assist you with rehearsing drums discreetly, or extend your tonal palette to incorporate all those fascinating percussion sounds. In the course of the most recent decade or thereabouts, electronic drums (now and then erroneously called 'electric drums') have improved drastically, getting nearer and nearer to the experience of playing an acoustic drum set. Between the physical equipment – including solid racks and responsive elastic or Mesh cushions – and the imposing trigger innovation that kicks in when you strike a cushion, playing an electronic drum set has never felt better.

Each budding or even well-trained artist needs the best electronic drum set that they can play without any hassle. Regardless of whether it's a Roland or a Yamaha, or any other best electronic drum set under 1000 dollars, it’s critical to know the key configuration of an instrument before you settle to buy one. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished drummer or a parent looking for your kid, you have to have all the best data before making a buy. Hence make sure that you go for the best electronic drum set.

best electronic drum set for an apartment

The best thing about electronic packs is their versatility, low upkeep, and the way that they don't make any sorts of noisy or upsetting sounds, except if you plug them in yourself! There are electronic drum sets to suit each sort of player. The best part is that the market offers a couple of cheap best electronic drum set as well.

Is it accurate to say that you are a new drummer, who needs the office to rehearse normally without making an excess of commotion? Or on the other hand, a genius drummer who needs dependability, execution, and authority over your sound, regardless of whether you're playing in front of an audience or recording in the studio? There's a unit here for everyone.

There are some incredible transitional electronic drum packs, including alternatives intended to look progressively like acoustic drum sets and minimal units for smaller spaces. Since e-drums are so popular now, and they make fabulous units for a calm home practice session and in any event, recording, their demand is ever increasing in recent times.

In case you're simply beginning to learn the drums, you may wonder which is the best electronic drum set to buy. Here, you will find a good companion in the Alesis nitro mesh drum set. This drum kit which we’ll review for you is the best electronic drum set under 300 dollars.

The Nitro Mesh Kit offers an extraordinary electronic drum set for learners, offering mind-boggling quality. As the name proposes, you get kick pads and a module stacked with 385 sounds, equipping you with all the instruments you may need to play along with your drumming act. It is also the best electronic drum set for kids.

If you're an apprentice drummer, where would it be a good idea for you to begin pertaining to purchasing an electronic drum set? There are a couple of interesting points that you must know. To start with, your cushions must be mounted to a rack, so search for one that is worked to withstand some setting up routine regularly.

Everybody realizes that guitarists and console players have elective, electronic versions to their instruments and drums. Very few individuals appear to know that there are electronic versions of a drum set as well! Electronic drum packs are getting progressively well known because of their comfort. You can connect earphones to diminish commotion, and practice properly, along with a digital metronome.

Alesis is no more a stranger with regard to making moderately priced electronic instruments. The Nitro Mesh is an ideal initial pack for novices and halfway players. It is considered as the best electronic drum kit. The additional advantage, in any case, is that you won't need to pay a great many dollars for your pack.

The Nitro Mesh is the most reasonable instrument from the Alesis family, which has now been blessed to receive a couple of overhauls of its own while figuring out how to save its low-value point. This Electronic drum set’s price is worth a shot.


The Nitro Mesh e-drum set by Alesis incorporates an 8" double zone Mesh cushion, kick pads, three 8" single-zone Meshtom pads, a 10" double zone crash (can be muted and played), two extra single cymbals, cap controlling pedal and four rods for the drum rack.

The only exception is the expansion of kick pedals and treble pads. The nitro mesh kit comes with the best electronic drum pad. 

The all-dark 8" cushions have an amazingly shallow profile and highlight a plastic edge, empowering movable pressure of the Mesh Heads. The Nitro Work's aluminum outline is impressively smaller than others in the Alesis range and it additionally includes numerous slimmer cylinders.

This assists in keeping the entire arrangement amazingly lightweight and brings about a littler impression. The entire set is spaced along effortlessly and feels appropriately hearty considering its compact design.


Just a few strikes on the mesh pads uncover the drumset's acoustic properties and rich sounds owing to good playing techniques. This set gives a very close sound like that of an acoustic set. The same thing is true for the overall functionality, which is equipped for great performances.

Also, the double bass pedal gives it a sturdier sound and makes it stand out. New brushed steel pedal sheets include a tasteful touch. This makes it the best electronic drum kit for beginners from the first look. The Alesis Nitro appears to be a great instrument. With music therapy, the results are just going to enhance.

Electronic drum set for metal


One thing to note is that it is a less expensive electronic unit. It won't have all the propelled highlights that a first-class unit may have. You get the Nitro module, four tunable drum cushions, a little kick cushion, three cymbal cushions, a hey cap controller pedal, and a kick pedal.

The Nitro presents mind-boggling specifications at a stunningly serious label price and makes a magnificent first drum set to own for a beginner. The alternatives that drummers have for e-drums today are faltering, particularly being that they are so highly-priced. The minimized eight-piece unit is special in this respect because it has all the high-end features without a very high price to pay.


The all-dark structure looks marvelous. The fabricate quality isn't horrible either. One would anticipate that the unit may be made with poor materials; however, Alesis has worked admirably making quality moderate.

The way in which the high hats are placed makes it look really sleek and trendy. The uniform dark shading - from the trigger cushions to the Meshheads, outline, and even cymbal arms - bears the pack a satisfying and smooth generally speaking stylish.

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  • Incredible cost-effectiveness
  • Unit Assembling is speedy and convenient
  • Sensible inclination Mesh Cushions
  • Sounds are rich and clear mesh heads
  • Amazing for an apprentice
  • Better than any other average drum set


  • Sounds aren't the very organic like in a regular drum kit 
  • No pre-loaded custom sounds samples 
  • The kick pads are small  

The reason why we have listed this model as the best electronic drum kit is that it perfectly fits a beginner’s needs and budget. It is the best electronic drum set under 500. It also is the most preferred electronic drum kit by professionals and intermediate level drummers. This is attributable to its compact and sleek design as well as multiple features that no other model, so moderately priced has in store. 


Are electronic drum sets good?

Although, electric drum sets do not provide a sound as organic as regular drum kits; they are a perfect fit for studio recording and practice sessions. Models like the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit are used even for live performances. Additionally, Alesis drum kits are also the best affordable electronic drum sets available out there.

Are electronic drums better than regular?

There isn’t a whole lot of difference when it comes to electronic drum kits v. acoustic sets debate. This is so because when it comes to choosing between practicing on a non-acoustic set with low noise and not practicing at all due to the loudness of the acoustic set, the drummers more often than not go with the former. Hence, while acoustic kits are preferred for shows, the electronic drum kits are preferred as a household practice and studio recording kit.

Is it ok to learn drums on an electronic drum kit?

It is a great idea to begin learning on an electronic drum kit especially on the Alesis Nitro mesh electronic drum kit, because of its compact design and modest price. An additional benefit of learning drums on an e-kit is that it comes with preloaded sound patches and a digital metronome to make the learning process simple. Needless to say, it is also easier to own and places an electronic drum within one’s living space as compared to an acoustic kit.

Our Verdict

Best electronic drum sets cheap

The Alesis Nitro Mesh drum set is very minimalistic with design, including the aluminum racks and foot pedals. Thus, you shouldn't have any issues keeping it in your house. It can likewise be placed in an edge of the room even while it is not in use.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh pack is very much like the standard Nitro unit. Also, it accompanies a major innovation: the utilization of metal Meshheads rather than elastic ones for the catch and tom cushions. Alesis has become a genuine contender in the electronic drum set market and is the best electronic drum set for money paid. The Alesis Nitro Mesh isn't very highly-priced. So it's as yet a truly moderate instrument.

The Nitro is an extraordinary purchase for the amateur on a small budget. While sensibly valued, we were shocked to find that Alesis didn't hold back on quality. Rather, it made a user-friendly electronic drum set with the very new Mesh drum heads and a strong structure. This set is also quite durable and will last long. You must use the drum notation for beginners if you are just starting with drumming.

Taking into account that this unit is structured fundamentally for home rehearsing, it automatically becomes the best electronic drum set for an apartment. The brand came into the limelight due to its well known Nitro series and reached new heights of popularity with the new Alesis Nitro Mesh Unit. In this Alesis Nitro Mesh review, we've attempted to concentrate on what makes this drum set worth considering and this makes it the best electronic drum set for metal gigs.

What's more, there are numerous highlights. To the extent value for cash goes, it's difficult to beat the Nitro. The delegated brilliance is without question the Mesh Drum heads, which used to be just a feature of expensive electronic drum sets. We think this drum set will speak to numerous drummers out there. This module offers a ton of network, so you can utilize either MIDI in/out or USB port. Simply discover some account programming and utilize your electronic drums as MIDI triggers.

It most likely won't fulfill the requirements of expert players, aside from their fundamental practicing routines. However, children more than seven years of age ought to have the option to play this instrument, particularly if we consider that drumming cushions are customizable. Hence, it is a great item for kids.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set has set a fine standard of quality and moderately priced drum set. It conveys endurable excellence with some significantly better Mesh head surfaces when compared to its past models. Alesis is a mainstream electric drum maker that has become well known by delivering probably the most moderate models available.

This most up to date drum set, the Nitro, isn't just reasonable; however, its amazing sound makes it appropriate for novices and propelled players as well. The simpler design and less number of parts make it a vastly improved choice for the drummers needing a drum set they can use at home for some late-night jam sessions or practicing. In spite of its basic structure, it's made out of top-notch materials and can be the ideal fit for the new drummer on a tight spending plan.

Well, if you are going in for this product, then do have a complete understanding of the instrument, and don’t forget to let us know your reviews on it!!

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