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Best Electronic Drum Pads- A Musician’s Guide 2020

Are you looking for an alternative to those huge drum sets that cannot be carried everywhere? Is it difficult for you to work on your skills and technique as it requires requires a big non-portable drum set? If this is so then there is an amazing option available in the market that is not explored by you. We are talking about the best drum pads. If you haven’t used them before then after reading this article you are definitely going to buy one for yourself.

We all are constantly working on finding ways to become the best. Everything comes for a price. If you want to master playing drums then you will have to practice. With practice, you can make yourself so good that nobody can beat you. It is best if you can do so with the electronic drum set but that would limit your practice.

If you practice in a studio then at times you will skip going to the studio as you will have to travel. Even if the drum set is at home you cannot carry it wherever you go.

To manage your time and practice drumming you need a drum practice pad. These drum pads are highly beneficial as you can use them in two ways.

You can use them as standalone instruments or extend the set you already have. Either way, you are going to be benefited. In fact, there are multiple percussionists whose practice primarily depends on the drum pads.

Multiple pads

rom entry-level drum pads to the high-end ones you will find multiple of them in the market. We have reviewed the best electronic drum pads keeping in mind the requirement of both sets of artists. 

Whether you belong to the category of people who have a lot to invest or little you will find the the best drum pad machine matching your choice. These drum pads are known for generating sound internally that’s why you can even connect it to an amp.

Here, we have researched the various types of drum pads that an individual may need. Also, our team has some amazing artists who have used these pads to understand their usage deeply. The reviews include both pros and cons so that you can understand how good or bad it would be to use these drum pads. 

PylePro Portable Drums

Wireless Electric Drums

PylePro Drum Pad


PylePro is a versatile kit with multiple drum pads. This black colored kit can be connected to Mac and PC easily. Also operates using batteries.

Roland Percussion Pad

Advanced Technology

Roland Percussion Sampling Pad


Roland percussion pad has added new dimensions to drum pad practice. It comes with 4GB of internal storage with individual pad dynamics indicators.

Kat Drum Pads

Easy to Expand

KAT Percussion Pad


KAT is one of the most compact drum pad kit with three different pads. It is a fully adjustable kit that comes with multi-purpose sounds that can be tuned and panned.

1. Alesis Sample Pad Pro

Due to the advanced look of the product, you might be wondering that this might cost you a lot. That’s not the case. Alesis is a known drum pad brand and it has taken a lot of effort to deliver this digital drum pad easy to access for most of you.

There are multiple features of this sample pad that make it the first choice of a lot of drummers.The first and foremost reason for including this one in the best drum pad list is the number of pads it has. You will get to use eight different pads. It is velocity sensitive and with blue LED illumination the drum pad gives a great feel to the user. 

With each pad, you will get the option of loading up to two samples. Also, each pad can be set to six different modes. The modes are Tempo, Monophonic, Polyphonic, Stop, Clock, and Loop.

You will be surprised to know that the drum pad comes with a built-in library. There are about 200 specially-crafted sounds for the cymbal, percussion, and drum. There is a whole team of Alesis sound design that has put a lot of effort to create this library. The samplepad pro is fully customizable.

If you want to add your sounds then there is a way to do so. Use an SD card up to 32GB to add your own 512 sounds. You can even add 89 custom kits. We have added some of our sounds and it worked pretty well.

Alesis SamplePad

The possibilities don’t seem to be ending as the drum pad is expandable. Yes, you read it right as there are 2 external trigger inputs. You will even get hi-hat pedal inputs and kick drum inputs.

 This sampling instrument has been built to end all your worries related to drumming. If you already have an electronic drum kit for recording then you can integrate this one with your kit. Also, you can connect it with your computer with the help of USB and MIDI connections.


  • Cool design
  • Drum pad expandability
  • 200 specially-crafted sounds
  • Customizable
  • Dual-zone triggers
  • Hi-hat and kick drum pedal input


  • Minor cross talk issues may arise

What's Best About The Alesis Sample Pad Pro?

The possibilities don’t seem to be ending as the drum pad is expandable. Yes, you read it right as there are 2 external trigger inputs. You will even get hi-hat pedal inputs and kick drum inputs.

This sampling instrument has been built to end all your worries related to drumming. If you already have an electronic drum kit for recording then you can integrate this one with your kit. Also, you can connect it with your computer with the help of USB and MIDI connections.

2. PylePro Portable Drum Pads

The PylePro is one of the best electronic drum pads for beginners. This doesn’t mean a professional drummer shouldn’t opt for it. It's just that the beginners will get a good start with this drum pad kit.

With such a small size the kit is built to work as an actual drum set. Whether you are interested in playing a hi-hat cymbal or snare drum the drum pads have it all.

One thing you have to understand here is that the seven pads are touch sensitive. This helps them in giving an accurate response to the user. If you are traveling with this kit and you forget to carry the drum sticks then there is an amazing solution to it. 

Use your hands to play the drum pads. Just a little pressure on these sensitive pads and you can play them even without drumsticks.

The PylePro has multiple things inbuilt. There are 128 GM voices, 215 Percussion voices, 5 user drum kits, and 25 preset drum kits. You can use these different voices to create a kit of your own. The best part is you won’t have to depend on a wired power source for the drum pad practice.

This portable piece of drum pad kit can be powered by the AC adaptor and batteries. You will have to use 6 C-size batteries for this. Is there anything else that you expect from the drum pads? We don’t think so.

PylePro Drum Pads

From inbuilt sounds to play the drums anywhere feature, the drum pad has everything anyone would want. You can use this drum pad for stage performance or practice session. Just pump up the volume and it will be ready to play for a crowd.

When its time for personal drumming session you can use the headphone jack so that nobody around is disturbed. This one is a super lightweight solution that is portable so you can use it to enhance your skills in your comfort zone.

Also, there is a digital control center on the top panel. You can use the audio configuration controls to create a unique set of customizable music. For ease in making the setting the LCD screen will help. The dimensions of the PylePro portable drum kit is 19.65 (L), 14.5 (W), and 6.2 (D) in inches. 


  • Versatile digital kit
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • AC adapter and battery operated
  • Headphone output
  • Preset drum kits
  • LED control display


  • The feel doesn’t seem to be natural as it is a tabletop kit

What's Best About The PylePro Portable Drum Pads?

What makes it the best drum pads midi is its 215 Percussion voices, 128 GM voices, 5 user drum kits, and 25 preset drumming patches. The best part with this is that it doesn’t require a wired adapter. It has a wireless system and can function well on chargeable batteries.

3. Roland Percussion Sampling Pad

If we talk about the sampling pads then Roland has the most advanced sampling percussion pad. Not only this, but it is also the best drum pads for logic pro x when it comes to the software used for recording. We believe this has been one of the finest product launched by Roland. This one is a new SPD-SX sampling pad that has been built with more advanced features.

Its innovative audio-capturing feature makes it easy for you to create samples and playback under your sticks. If you already have a drum kit whether it is electronic or acoustic this would be the perfect addition. 

Not only drum kits but you can also this with the keyboard rig, DJ booth, or percussion setup. It has taken some of the most amazing predecessors proven concepts and improved them to give you a whole new level experience. Roland’s sampling instrument would work equally well in the recording studio, dance club, production suite, and live stage.

The instrument is loaded with the latest technology so that the work is done with perfect precision, speed, and convenience. You can enjoy the most advanced technology in a percussion instrument that is sleek and easy to use. You will get to use the nine highly sensitive pads that come with two independent control knobs.

Also, there are four dedicated effect buttons. Whether you are using it at a place that is full of lights or dim lighting you can clearly read the data. For this, the backlit LCD is going to help you.

Roland Drum Pad

To view the pad’s status you can view the LED that illuminates when in use. One interesting feature of the LED is that the illumination strength changes with the audio-level activity. Isn’t that great? If you increase the number of drummers or percussionists then you have to incorporate audio samples into their performance.

You can satisfy the requirements of each one of them with the individual output routing, individual sub out, pad check function and more. This makes it the best drum pad midi controller.

Roland drum pad comes with multi-pad sampling. An external audio player will stream audio and you can strike the surface of a pad at an appropriate point. Once you strike the pad the sample will be automatically truncated. 

Thus, assigned to that pad. You will also get the benefit of internal memory that is 4GB. So you can store your own created library. With space for storing about 720 minutes of audio, this has been a drummer’s dream come true.


  • Three multi-effects
  • Internal storage space
  • Nine highly sensitive pads
  • Multi-pad sampling
  • Wave Manager software included
  • Comes with improved functionality


  • Doesn’t support phrase loops

What's Best About Roland Percussion?

The highlight of this drum pad set is its high functionality, touch sensitivity, and its efficiency while using it along with logic pro x and midi controller. It is a great digital alternative that can be used to record rich and natural drum sounds without having to use an actual drum set!

4. DW Drum Workshop Pad

There are certain drummers who do not want to go for the drum pads that are small or compact in size. They want to invest in a drum pad that along with functioning also looks like a drum kit.

This seems to work better for them as their body seems to get used to these kits easily. For those exceptional ones, we have added the DW drum workshop pad to the list. The time we looked at this kit we thought that this will certainly impress our certain set of readers. It is a five-piece pad set. 

So you will definitely get to explore multiple techniques with this one. The drum pads are firm as there is a stand that supports them. While playing the drum pads you won’t have to worry about any of these moving as the stand will keep them at their position.

Although the picture seems to give a feel of a huge drum pad that might be heavy it is not. The drum pad comes with the motto to go anywhere. That’s why the whole pad set is built in such a way that the weight doesn’t seem to be heavy for the drummers.

DW Drum Workshop Drum Pad

It will give you that natural feel you have been looking for all this while. The pads are easy to remove. So if you are planning to shift to some other place or want to carry it with you then remove them. Also, there are proper memory locks so that the pads stay in place while you strike them.

 Also, the set up isn’t difficult. It will take you around 10 to 15 minutes to assemble the parts once unpacked. We believe that drummers of percussionists who are looking for options to practice quietly are going to love it. It will allow you to practice and master your skills without disturbing others. 

You will get to use the 8 inches pads for cymbal and tom. Other than this, there are 10 inches snare drum, bass drum pad, and floor tom. All the mounting hardware is included in the package so you won’t have to spend more on buying the mounting hardware. We loved this product and your experience will be similar to this one. You can also check methods to improve the handspeed at playing the drum set so that your skills are fully enhanced.


  • Five pieces of drum pads
  • Gives natural feel
  • Supports ultra-quiet drum practice
  • Construction is heavy-duty
  • Easy to setup


  • To carry anywhere you will have to re-assemble it.

What's Best About DW Drum Workshop Pad?

This is a leader when it comes to the best drum pad machine. This is so because it is different from the other small and compact models listed in this article. It is a high functioning drum pad that is a workshop in itself. It is one of the best replacements for an original drum kit without even having to invest in an electronic drum kit. Its features are also a little more advanced as compared to the smaller models.

5. Yamaha DTX Drum Pad

If you are planning to buy a drum pad online then Yamaha multi-pad is the one you can completely rely on. Now, you might be wondering what makes us say so. One of the major reasons is that Yamaha is one brand that is known for manufacturing instruments that are highly appreciated by its customers.

Whether you are planning to buy a drum pad or drum set you will find the best one with this manufacturer. You can compare it closely with the Roland one but at the same time, there are tons of features that distinguish it from it. 

The drum pad is already loaded with 1,061 percussion, effect, and drum sounds. Other than this it also has 216 MOTIF sounds. You can also add your own original sounds. There is 64MB of memory space that can be utilized for importing up to 500 sounds via USB.

The Yamaha drum pad is unique as it is the first multi-pad that is designed for playing with fingers, hands, and sticks. As the surface of the pads is ultra-sensitive it will be easy for you to play it by using any medium. If you have played hand drums in the past then this feature will be cherry on a cake for you.

Yamaha Drum Pad

Along with these twelve pads, you can add five more pads externally. There are two dual inputs that can be split for usage as separate single zone pads and one single input. We highly recommend this drum pad for those who are looking for a compact electronic drum pad option.

Yamaha has gone one notch higher with the launch of DTXM12 touch app. It is specially designed for iPad. So once you connect it using a USB it will be easy for you to control the drum pad with iPad. 

You can assign a voice to each pad using the visual editor. The application will make you an expert electronic drum programmer. There is a virtual mixing console so that the sounds and effects can be balanced. The final conclusion that we came to after using this drum pad is that it is highly advanced yet easy to use set. If you want to invest in a good electronic percussion pad then this is worth buying.


  • Multiple sounds loaded
  • 12 Dynamic pads
  • 2 Pedal inputs
  • 5 Trigger inputs
  • 5-pin MIDI
  • 64MB Flash-ROM


  • For separating the dual inputs you will need a splitter.

What's Best About Yamaha DTX Drum Pad?

This drum pad already stands out due to its brand value. Apart from that its main highlight is its 1000+ pre-loaded sound patches and the fact that it is compatible with the best drum pads app that can be used on your phone while recording and other functions.

6. ADM Drum Pad

ADM drum pad is another fine addition that is specifically focussed on snare drum practice. This is a snare drum practice pad that comes with a stand to hold the pad. If you want to improve your snare drum skills then this would be an apt choice. For beginners or starters, this one is a convenient option.

You can use the snare drum pad in two different ways as a surface on either side of the pad is different. For great strength, you can use the hard rubber side. 

It is provided for hard practice sessions. Similarly, the other side is made using soft rubber material. So this side is going to give more bouncy response owing to the soft material usage. 

There is a snare drum pad holder that is used to firmly hold the drum pad. You can even rotate it set it at a specific position. So the set is extremely user-friendly. The height of the drum pad stand is adjustable. So you can set it as high as 19 inches. So it doesn’t matter what your height is. You can easily set the height and the angle according to your choice.

ADM Drum Pad

Since the drum pads are fixed on the stand it is very important that the base is stable. This is ensured as the foot-support is thickened and antiskid. So anyone can use it without worrying about the stand accidentally slipping off. The manufacturer’s claims are true and we didn’t face any sort of skid issue with this one.

Last but not the least coming to the drum sticks. The drum sticks are not fancy. They are just the way they should be and properly serve the purpose they are made for. Once you get this snare drum practice pad you can start with your practice sessions. We don’t think the practice pad has anything as such to complain about.


  • Two-sided usage
  • Stands height is adjustable
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Antiskid clip and foot-support
  • Environment-friendly


  • The use is limited to snare drum practice.

What's Best About ADM Drum Pad?

We think that this is the best drum pads for beginners and therefore this stands out in this list. Having all the high functioning features as well as fulfil the basic needs of a beginner is what makes this model one of the best.

7. Kat Drum And Percussion Pad

Here, in the list of best drum pads, we have reviewed some of the compact drum pads too. This one has to be one of the most compact addition to the list. It's like a small circular drum pad module that can be carried literally anywhere.

In other modules there was a bit effort required as the stands has to be removed or the whole module has to be re-assembled. In this module, you won’t have to deal with any such issue. All you have to do is just unbox it from the packaging and start using.

The product is simply designed to fulfill the drummer’s requirement without much hassle. There are four sensitive pads that are simple to use. You can use either hands or drum sticks to play the drum pads. There are 50 high-quality and fully adjustable sounds. You can assign these sounds to any of the four pads and finely tune or pan it individually. Also, the drum pads can be fine-tuned for sensitivity, reverb, and level control. 

KAT Percussion Pad Kit

The drum sticks are not included in this package but once you will check the price of the product you will be able to see an option to buy it with sticks. This is an advantage for those who already have a drum stick. They won’t need an extra pair so they can choose the module without sticks.

Also, the compact size can hinder the usage for some. It will take time to get used to this drum pad module as the pads are quite nearby. Everything comes at a price so if you want something that is extremely compact yet serves the function then you will have to adjust a bit.

We personally believe that if you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level drum pad then this one is the best. The LED monitor clearly displays the settings of the drum pads. Also, there is an option to increase or decrease the volume. So you can practice quietly if you do not want to disturb anyone.


  • Compact-size
  • Playable with sticks and hands
  • Multi-purpose sounds
  • Affordable option
  • The solution to expanding any setup
  • Four easy to use pads


  • Drum sticks are not included

What's Best About Kat Drum and Percussion Pad?

The best part about this model is its small size, easy to set up design and rich sound. It is extremely easy to carry around, especially if you have to go for an impromptu jam session. It can fit on a chair and needs no additional stand or any other gear to make it work. It has a simple Aux cable connectivity without making it prone to too many technical glitches if used for recording or sampling.

8. Alesis Drum Pad Kit

Alesis drum pad kit is a perfect kit for the drummers who are aspiring to become stars. This kit has almost everything a young drummer would need to sharpen his or her skills. In our opinion, if your kid is eager to learn this art and you don’t want to invest in a full drum set then you can choose this one.

There are four velocity-sensitive pads that will provide realistic sound. It has almost all types of sound that a drummer would look for. There are 50 play-along songs, seventy percussion voices, and ten effect voices. This couldn’t get simpler than this. 

The feel and response of the pads are just like real drums. Also, the set is highly authentic as the drum sticks come along with it. You won’t have to search for a drum stick online. Sometimes learning to drum seems difficult but this can be resolved by using the game function. The games are learning-centric that ensures that you get to learn the techniques in a fun way.

Alesis Compact Drum Pad Kit

The drum pad kit is itself a coach. You can load the track you prefer and turn on the coach function. After that, you can refer the LCD screen for the notes and play accordingly. So initially you can use the coach function for the great learning experience.
With Alesis kit, you will get to enjoy the music with its filling speaker. Alternatively, you can use the headphone output. This would be an excellent setup to start your journey into the world of drumming. You can power it using two different ways.

There is an option to power it using an AC power adapter and use six c-cell batteries. With the drumsticks included just start playing the kit the time it reaches your home.


  • Game and coach function
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Great sound quality
  • 70 percussion voices
  • Drumsticks included
  • Natural feel


  • No metronome function.

What's Best About Alesis Drum Pad Kit?

This is the best option to go for because of its velocity-sensitive pad, inbuilt digital metronome, and user-friendly setup mechanism. Another highlight of this model is that it runs on an AC adaptor as well as a battery-powered adaptor.

9. Sunyin Drum Practice Pads

If you are looking for an affordable option in drum pads then Sunyin could be the one to consider. There are three surfaces for practice. Also, there is a difference in the color of each pad so you can clearly understand that which pad is used for which purpose.

The three different playing surface makes it a unique addition to the list of drum pads.  This drum pad is going to give you a more rhythmic sense. Its rustling sounds monotonous practice will make you a more professional and advanced drumming artist. 

Also, material usage is good. The use of silicone pad makes it a high-quality drum pad that has a good rebound. Also, the pads are comfortable, durable, and non-toxic. So even if you are planning to gift it to your kid it would be a great idea. 

Sunyin Drum Practice Pad

This tricolored drum pad set would be a great addition to your kit. With this best drum multiped all your issues related to the drum pad kit will be resolved. The feel and sound of the pads are amazing. They are bouncy and responsive that gives the feeling of a real drum set.

One major benefit that comes with this pad is that it is quiet. This means that that it won’t produce that loud sound that disturbs everyone around. You can place it wherever you want and start practicing. If the drum sticks would have been included in the package then it would have been great. 


  • Three playing surfaces
  • More rhythmic sense
  • Silicone Pad
  • Real feel and sound
  • Quiet usage
  • High-quality


  • The stand is not included

What's Best About Sunyin Drum Practice Pads?

Although this set is placed last on our list, nothing makes it the least preferable out of the models mentioned herein. This drum pad stands out as it can be used as an individual practice pad as well as paired along with a real drum set for enhancing choke sounds during live performances. This model is also small, moderately priced has an attractive colour, and has a rich muted sound, making it apt for indoor practice sessions, without having to bother your neighbours. Last but not least it is as good as a real drum - the best drum pads simulator as it can be rightly called.

Top Drum Pads: Buying Guide

By now if you have understood how important it is to buy drum pads then the next step should be to buy one. Now, from beginner to professional drum artists it is necessary to make the right choice of drum pads. That is something we are going to help you with. Your drumming skills and abilities will certainly enhance with these pads.

Drum notes with sticks and pads

Drum Head

The tonal quality of the drum set highly relies on the drum head. If you choose the drum set with a good drum head then half of your job is done. The drum head should be thick so that the sound is more focused. So if you want sound with less resonance then these could be your choice. The thinner drum heads are known to produce a brighter sound. So if you are going to play drums at your home and don’t want to disturb the people around then this one is for you.

Type Of Drum Pad 

We all know that we are going to use the drum pad for practice. Now, what form of practice you are planning to do will make it easy to choose the right type of drum pad. Is there a specific technique of playing drums you want to improve in? Is the drum pad needed only for basic practicing as a beginner? 

Are the drum sets costly so you want to try your creativity on drum pads first? These are the sort of questions that you should answer before proceeding further. With the advanced ones, the benefit is that you get to use it in all ways. The basic ones won’t offer a lot to a true professional drumming artist.

best drum multipad


The foremost reason why people invest in a drum pad is its portability. It is obvious that you are not planning to use it in your stage performance as it won’t be even visible. Practice at home or wherever you go is the greatest comfort anybody can expect from a drum pad. Check the size of the drum pad for this characteristic. If you want one that can be carried in a backpack it is available and also the one that is little big still portable. From five inches to 15 inches there is a variety of drum pads.


You have to check the amount of sound the drum pads make. Although there is a benefit with these pads that they do not make an as loud noise as drum sets still check this point. If you live at a place where there is constant noise coming from nearby then a bit loud sound would work for you. Do monitor all the scenarios before purchasing the drum pad for yourself or your friend.

The number of pads 

Here, comes the most important scenario of selecting the best drum pad. The drum pads are available in different forms. There are some with only one pad to ones with seven pads. It is obvious that the increase in the number of pads will automatically give you more freedom to explore. For the beginners, as they are new to drumming a single pad would even work.

practice pad


The size of the drum practice pad should be appropriate. By appropriate we mean that it should perfectly fit in your hands. All the pads should be in proper reach that is not too far and not too close. Also, it should fit on the table or desk you are planning to place it on. For kids, you can even opt for a six to eight-inch pad but for adults, we highly recommend a twelve-inch drum pad.


The material is another factor that has an important role to play. If a high-quality material is used then the drum pads will last you for years. So durability is one of the results of good material usage. Different people have different views on the usage of one surface and multiple surface pad. Some believe that the one surface pad limits the drummers to focus more on playing the drum set. Others believe that multiple surfaces give you more exposure to practice sessions.


The different drum pads are designed to give a different feel to its user. Do you want a drum pad that gives you a feel of a real drum set? Yes, there are some with such advanced feel. The drum pads also come with different level of resistance. At a different level, you will get the feel of a different type of drum set. A drum pad with more bounce is what you are looking for or a softer one? These little things will make a huge difference in the drum pad feel.

drum practice pad


What is the best practice pad?

The best practice pad is the one that comes with all the functions you are looking for to practice. It's important to make the right choice. There are some like the samplepad pro that comes with interesting features and if you can afford then you should definitely go for it. It is important to understand that drum pad practice can be more advanced if you use such high tech products.

Which drum set brand is best?

There are multiple brands that are competing to prove to be the best. Still, there are some brands that stand out from others. The Alesis, Yamaha, Roland are top brands when it comes to the instruments. A lot of customers have reviewed their products and found that these are really good.

What is the best electronic drum set for beginners?

In the beginning, no one needs an advanced kit but this also depends on your age. If you are buying the drum set for kids then a basic one will work. For adults who are passionate to become a great drum, artists would require a bit more advanced set. They will practice more and their aim will be high so it is a waste of money to buy a basic set first then buy an advanced one.

Is guitar or drums easier to learn?

Everything seems easy when we see other people doing it. You get a reality check the time you start doing it. Learning to play a guitar or drum set would be easy if you have a good trainer. It also depends on your ability to learn things. If you have a good musical instinct then it will be easy for you to learn the basics and then move to an advanced level.

How much time does it take to learn drums?

It depends whether you are learning it just as a hobby to play at your home for fun or not. If it is just for the sake of fun you can learn it in four to six months. In case, you want to take it to a professional level then at least eight months of practice is needed. Also, learning never ends. Every day you meet a new set of people who are doing great in their field and they teach you something. So don’t limit yourself by thinking that after a certain time period you have mastered the art. Be like a child who is always eager to know about new things.


We do believe that choosing the right drum pad is a difficult task. Being drummer you don’t have time to explore the variety of options available online and come to a conclusion. If you directly select a cheap drum pad then it may not have all the functions and will be of low quality. Similarly, the expensive one may not be as good as it claims. To solve your dilemma of selecting a drum pad whether it is a midi drum pad or snare drum pad we have created this list.

To know about its buying options like a discount or offers you will have to click on the check price button. After going through a lot of checkpoints these drum pads have made their way to the list. We are recommending the best to our readers. You can even share your views on these drum pads as we are always eager to know more about the instruments. There is a comment section where you can fill some details and leave your suggestions. To know more about the drumming techniques and types of drum set do check the home page.

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