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7 Best Beginner Drum Set Reviews 2019-Begin With The Right Set

You are looking for the best beginner drum set that means you have decided to step into the drummer’s shoes. When you look at the drummers playing live, the feeling is just amazing. You get filled with lots of energy.

There are multiple people who are trying to master this art. Some have even spent their whole life experimenting with the drumming techniques so that they set the stage on fire. The audience loves drummers with great techniques and original sound.

By looking at the drummers you may feel that it is their inborn talent. That’s not true in every drummer’s case. You have to practice and start somewhere as everyone was once a beginner. Once you have decided to learn to drum, a good drum set is something you should invest in.

Since you are going to invest your hard earned money so It is important to know which one is best. With electronic drum sets in the picture, it had made the task much easier for the drummers. These are drum sets for today’s generation.

Drummer playing the drum set

It is not easy to make a choice. The internet is flooded with tons of options to select from. Since you are a beginner so you might not know much about the drum set. The only thing you can do is look at the color or design.

 So we have done the shortlisting job for you. From the various options available online we have some amazing beginner electronic drum set that is sure to enlighten your mood. You will find the products with their details, pros, and cons.

Tama New ImperialStar

Upgraded HCS Cymbals

Tama ImperialStar Drum Set


Tama New ImperialStar is an all new model with several upgrades. Since the time of its launch the users have been appreciating it.

Pearl New Fusion

Superior Shell Technology

Pearl New Fusion Drum Set


Just as the name suggests it is a new fusion that has come with new and advanced technology. Be it the shell or mounting there is a new method involved.

RockJam Junior

Beginner's Kit For Kids

RockJam Drum Set


A perfect example of how a beginner drum set should be if your kid is about to begin his drumming journey at an early age and wants to master it.

1. Ludwig Accent Drive Series Drum Set

The Ludwig drum set is one of the highest rated drum sets that you will find online. The reason is obvious the users are loving the quality of the set and are completely satisfied by its usage. In the picture, you can clearly see how beautiful the red foil color looks.

The manufacturer has kept in mind the choice of different types of users. That’s why you will get to choose the drum set from two more color options i.e. silver foil and black bundle. All the colors are just amazing and any drummer will look stunning on stage while playing the drum kit.

This is an all-new drum kit that is wonderfully designed for the beginners. The mounted toms are of dimensions 8 x 10 and 9 x 12, the bass drum of 16 x 22, hi-hats of 13 inches.

The other two parts that are the wood snare and floor tom measure 6.5 x 14 and 16 x 16 in inches. The dimensions are appropriate keeping in mind the need for a beginner.

This entry-level kit will impress you the time you will start using it. The shortcomings of the previous series are aptly upgraded to give the user a perfect drumming experience.

That’s the reason it is amongst the best professional drum sets 2019. At an affordable rate, you will be surprised to get such a piece.

Ludwig Accent Drum Kit

For providing those smooth mids and rich low-ends the drum set features wood shells of 9-ply and 8 mm. If you are a fan of Peter Erskine then there is a piece of good news for you. With this drum kit, you will receive Vic Firth Peter Erskine Big Band drum stick. This means you are going to get their signature drum stick. It combines the shaft dimensions of a 5A and 5B and is made of hickory


  • Three color options
  • Signature Drum Sticks
  • Upgraded accent series
  • Included drum throne
  • Out-of-the-box drum package
  • Included Micro classic lugs


  • The cymbals seem to be of average quality

2. Tama New ImperialStar Complete Drum Set

Buying an affordable piece of drum set seems like a gamble as there are multiple of them at a high price range. With Tama New ImperialStar range the problem seems to be solved.

It is one of the best drum kits under 1000. The beginners just can’t miss such an astounding piece. The Tama drum set is ready to set the stage on fire with its high-grade hardware and Meinl cymbals.

For that stage ready sound, the set includes Meinl HCS cymbals. The size varies from hi-hats of 14 inches, the ride of 20 inches to crash of 16 inches. There is a whole collection of Stage Master stands that provide the required stability. Also, the inclusion of Iron Cobra 200 kick pedal makes it easy for the drummer to play the bass drum smoothly.

The size of the toms is 10 inches and 12 inches respectively. With snare drum of 14 inches, kick drum of 22 inches and floor tom of 16 inches the package is complete.

Tama ImperialStar Drum Kit

The drum shells are manufactured using the material called poplar. There are eight plies of poplar that make the Tama Imperialstar stand out from other basic drum kits. This material is known for full-bodied tone and quick decay. These are just the right set of qualities you need for close-miking applications.

If you are new to drumming then you might not know that bearing edges play an important role in how the drums sound and tune-up. The Tama Imperialstar involves an edge-cutting process that will produce clean bearing edges. So the drummer will get to experiment with different styles of music as it supports a wide tuning range and playing dynamics.

You can refer the picture to see how beautiful the outer appearance of the drum set it. These attractive wrapped finished are glued firmly. While playing the drums, you won’t experience buzzing of any kind and the look would last you really long. So once you have bought the perfect kit you can focus on other aspects like increasing your hand speed at playing the drum set


  • An affordable drum kit
  • Meinl HCS cymbals
  • Includes drum throne
  • Black nickel hardware usage
  • Balanced dynamics
  • Stage master stands


  • Doesn’t include drum sticks

3. Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow Drum Set

If the gear is of second-rate then the drumming journey becomes harder for the beginners. We promise you this won’t be the case with the Pearl roadshow drum set. It’s a complete drum set package for anyone who is about to start his or her rhythmic journey. 

Here, we have shared certain things that you should look for when buying your first drum kit. You can experience it by stacking up the Pearl Roadshow yourself.

The hi-hat, hardware cymbal, and snare drum should stand with a strong tripod base. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the interlocking tilter adjustments should be proper so that all the parts of the kit are in the pressure of performance. Now, the Pearl beginner drum set has gone a notch higher.

The stands are Dual-reinforced with angle and height adjustability. Also, the double-braced legs will perfectly withstand the pounding onslaught of the drummer.

Pearl Roadshow drum kit

The bass drum being the heartbeat of the drum set has a great responsibility. So it would ensure that the foundation of the complete drum set up is strong and the low-end pulse is taken care of. Now, comes the snare drum that is the voice of the drum set. The Pearl roadshow’s snare drum is full of power that will perfectly capture the loudest and softest notes.

In the drum set package, you will get tom of dimensions 1 x8, the bass drum of 22 x16, floor tom of 16 x 16, snare drum of 14 x 5.5 and another tom of 12 x 9. With all the dimensions in inches, you will get an idea of how much space the drum set will occupy. There are also cymbals included with hi-hats and crash of 14, and 16 inches respectively.

For that extended comfort, you can utilize the drum throne that comes along with the package. So you are ready to play the time the package arrives at your doorstep.


  • Variety of styles available
  • Four color options
  • Triple flanged hoops
  • Double braced hardware
  • Chain-drive bass drum pedal


  • The parts may arrive separately

4. Gammon Percussion Full Size Beginner Drum Kit

Before getting into the details of the product let’s get to know what the manufacturer is trying to deliver. Gammon Percussion knows all about percussion and wants to help the musicians of all age groups. 

The manufacturer is fully involved in only manufacturing drum sets so that it can offer full customer support to its users. The effort of Gammon Percussion hasn’t gone in vain as the product is up to the mark.

You won’t have to turn to any other set as it includes everything that takes to play a professional size set. It is one of the bestselling drum sets that come in blue and black color options. You can choose your favorite drum set color.

The wood snare drum is of 51/2 x 14 inches then there is 22 x 14 12 lug bass drum, 13 x 10 and 12 x 10 mounted toms. There is also a floor tom of 16 x 16 and crash ride cymbal of 14 and two hi-hat cymbal of 12 inches. From snare drum to cymbals all the parts are measured in inches.

Gammon Percussion Drum Kit

If you can buy a beginner drum set with chain is driven bass drum pedal, drummer’s throne, drum sticks then why go for something else? The assembly of this drum set would be easy for you as you will get a DVD for the same. The DVD will clearly show you the steps for assembly so that even a non-drummer can assemble it.

If you are worried about the sound quality of the drum set then you shouldn’t. The sound quality is excellent for beginners. So the Gammon Percussion drum kit lacks nowhere behind its competitors.

The drum set is a perfect combination of performance and quality. You can test it under any criteria and it will prove to be the best. 


  • Versatile product
  • Easy assembly
  • Full-size drum shell
  • Tuning key for sound adjustment
  • Sturdy
  • High gloss finish


  • Cymbals are of average quality but you can replace them

5. Pearl Five-Piece New Fusion Drum Set

When it comes to beginners Pearl has been our absolute favorite. If you find this beginner drum set for sale then you should definitely buy it. The Pearl new fusion set has only been improving over time.

If you have seen the previous models of the set then you will be surprised to know that the drum set is not the same as you remember it.

There has been use of superior shell technology to create the Asian mahogany and poplar shells. This is a unique construction method that involves the use of AcoustiGlue. The glue is boiled and then pressed at over 1000 lbs of hydraulic pressure. So in the end what you get is a shell that acts as a single ply.

 Also, the superior shell technology uses precision-cut scarf joints. These are known to offer more than 700% of the contact area as compared to the standard butt joints.

Pearl New Fusion Drum Kit

When it comes to technology and methods the manufacturer has put in a lot of efforts. The use of opti-loc mounting is another example. It is a triangular design that has two tension rod attachment points. These are known for holding the toms firmly in place without any sort of wobbling.

Another thing that really impressed us was the use of rubber isolators. These are used at all the connection points that allow the shells to vibrate freely. So when it comes to toms you will get them perfectly fixed and the sound will be at its best.

You just have to buy it once and then play it till the time you don’t get bored with using the same drum set. The manufacturer is confident that the product that’s why you will get this beginner’s drum set with a limited lifetime warranty. A strong relationship is built with the player as the manufacturer truly believes in excellence and commitment.

Also, there is a variation in the configuration. The model displayed in the picture doesn’t come with cymbals but you can even opt for another one with cymbals. So the buyer has full freedom to choose the set.


  • Superior shell technology
  • Durable
  • Mahogany shells
  • Opti-loc mounting system
  • Easy to position


  • Cymbals are not included

6. RockJam Three-Piece Drum Set

RockJam would be an amazing choice if your kid is beginning to learn drum sets. It’s a junior set that will be a perfect partner for your kid throughout his or her journey of becoming a great drum artist.

The manufacturer has kept the kids and their families in mind while manufacturing this lovely piece. A new drummer is definitely going to love the kit as it as all a beginner would need to get started. 

When it comes to variation in style and color, the drum set has all you need. For the beginners who are just buying it for drum practice as a hobby can go for the three-piece set. Similarly, the ones who want to a notch higher and want more parts can go for the five drum set piece too.

Just look at the vibrant color selection by the manufacturer. Don’t you metallic red is a perfect color to highly energize you even before you start playing the drum set.

RockJam Drum Kit

The package also includes a drum throne. It is adjustable so while your child grows you can make an adjustment to the drum throne height accordingly. In three-piece drum sets, it is hard to find a set that includes a snare drum. This one does include a snare drum as that is an essential instrument for beginners. The snare drum is going to lend richness to the drum kit.

The bass drum is an integral part of this package. If you are going to play it will the foot pedal then it will produce low-frequency tones too. The bass drum measures 16 x 12 inches while the snare drum is of 10 x 5 inches. In this kit, you will also get hanging tom-tom that is of 10 x 7 in inches while the crash cymbal is of 10 inches. We are sure this electronic drum set for kids is going to be loved by them. 


  • Available in two colors
  • Amazing starter drum set
  • Suitable for kids of age up to 7
  • Includes throne, and foot pedals
  • Lightweight drum sticks


  • Three piece set has only one cymbal

7. Mendini by Cecilio Full Size Beginners Drum Set

The Mendini by Cecilio is a drum set that is highly recommended for teens and adults. Just like the Pearl and RockJam the Mendini by Cecilio is a known brand amongst the drummers.

This product has been getting positive feedback from multiple customers. The manufacturer is known for offering high-end musical instruments. At an affordable price range, the drum set has so much to offer to its users.

The versatile drum set is perfect to begin playing drum set for the adults. This range has a bass drum with dimensions 22” x 16”, tom-toms of 13” x 9” and snare drum of 14” x 5.5”. The set also has floor tom of 16” x 16”, crash cymbals of 16” and hi-hat of 14.5”.

Mendini By Cecilio Drum Kit

For that deep resonance and warmth, the poplar shells are genuinely cross laminated with poplar shells. You can buy it with much more confidence as it comes with a one year warranty. So for that complete year, you won’t have to spend a single penny on the manufacturing defects. Doesn’t this sound, great? It absolutely does as it increases your trust on the kit. 

We understand that the most important aspect for the selection of a drum set is its sound and quality. The Medini by Cecilio doesn’t stand anywhere behind when it comes to these aspects. If the drum set even offers a wide color range then it is an added advantage.

A lot of people consider this as an important aspect. If you are part of a band where the various instruments are of metallic red then you would probably not invest in a silver-colored drum set. Here, the kit is available in black, blue, silver, white, wine red, and bright red options. Also, the price doesn’t change with variation in color.


  • High-quality toms
  • Cross-laminated poplar shells
  • The best option for adults
  • Height adjustable throne
  • Bass drum pedal is chain driven


  • It requires assembly that would probably take time.

Choosing The Right Beginner Drum Set

Buying a new thing always excites us and if it is a drum set then the excitement level doubles. More than anything the beginner’s get attracted to the different color options available. They do not have sound knowledge of the product so it is obvious for them to get inclined to the color options. Don’t worry if you are scared to commit a similar mistake. In order to get you started on the journey of becoming a great drummer, we have some points to consider.

Band playing different instruments

Drum Head

The tonal quality of the drum set highly relies on the drum head. If you choose the drum set with a good drum head then half of your job is done. The drum head should be thick so that the sound is more focused. So if you want sound with less resonance then these could be your choice. The thinner drum heads are known to produce a brighter sound. So if you are going to play drums at your home and don’t want to disturb the people around then this one is for you.

Drum Size

Drum sets are obviously going to take up some space. When shopping for a drum set your first question should be “How much space will the drum set take?”. It depends on the number of drums you want. If you are still unsure that you are going to take up drumming as a career then you can buy a small drum set in terms of the number of drums.

Most of the drum set that you will find online are available in four or five piece set. The most common drum set includes bass drum, snare drum, and two to three toms. You will even find sets with only one tom. Again, the decision is yours how much flexibility you want in drumming.

Drum with drum sticks


Cymbals are an essential part of any drum setup. Every drummer needs a cymbal that fits the style of music he or she intends to play. Each cymbal sounds differently. If you go on to buy a drum set then there are three cymbals available. They are ride cymbals, crash cymbals, and hi-hats. These cymbals vary in size. Ride cymbals are basically larger in size. The size will range between 20 inches and 24 inches.

Crash cymbals are relatively smaller in size and vary between 14 and 20 inches. If you are a beginner you can buy two crash cymbals so that you can play it from either side. The last and most important cymbal is the hi-hats. These are one of the most loved cymbals by the drummers and you should definitely buy a drum set with the hi-hat. In case, the hi-hat is not included in the set then you can buy them separately.

Practice Environment

It is very important to consider the fact that whether you are going to practice at your home or a studio. Another thing is that the place has enough space for the beginner drum set or not. If the sound of the drum set can be heard from outside then you can opt for quieter options. Another alternative would be an electric drum set with options to use headphones. So you can practice drumming without disturbing anyone around.


If nothing helps then you can always go for the best drum sets brands. The top brands promise to deliver the best and are usually trusted by a lot of customers. There are certain companies that are well-established in this field. Keeping the first time buyers in mind we have already shortlisted only the top brands like Pearl, Tama, and more. They are highly trustworthy and provide an amazing experience to its users. We are sure the beginners will love these drum sets.

Ludwig beginner kit


The price of the product has always been an influencing factor in deciding whether to buy the product or not. As a musician, it doesn’t matter what is the price of the product still you cannot cross your budget limit. The electric drum sets usually fall in everyone’s budget. They are available in different range so that every drummer can buy it. One option could be to buy a beginner drum set with limited options. So you can buy other parts when you have more money to invest in.


What is the best drum set for beginners?

The best drum set for beginners is the one that comes with all the important parts that are needed for drumming. It could be a drum head, cymbals, and more. The drum set could be a 3-piece one or 5-piece one. It is important to consider the fact that it is not necessary that you buy a beginner drum set for adults or a huge one. The choice is totally going to be yours that is what type of set you want.

How much is a beginner drum set?

The price of a drum set varies from one kit to another. If you are going to buy a beginner drum set for 8-year-old then it may cost you cheaper as compared to the one that is for adults. It is obvious for the adult drum set to feature more advanced functions as compared to the one for kids. There is a price range that varies from $299 to $1500. You can check out the whole collection of drum sets and find the most relevant one for you. We have covered varied beginners drum set range so that it falls in everyone’s budget and is of high quality too.

Are electronic drums good for beginners?

The answer is both a yes and a no. If you are ready to get used to the transition that comes when you shift from an acoustic drum set to an electronic one then it’s a yes otherwise no. There are multiple benefits that come with electronic drums. If the volume is your main concern then it would be a great buy. You can plug in the headphones and play the drum sets without disturbing others.

Are drums hard to learn?

Let’s just understand this fact that nothing comes easy. If you are playing the drum sets just for fun then it is easy for you as you are not concerned with the correct use of it. In another case that is if you are planning to become a professional drum artist then it will take time to become a master of it. The difficulty level will also vary from person to person. People with good musical sense or a musical background find it easy to understand the drumming techniques.


In the end, what matters is that you choose a drum set that is according to your choice. It doesn’t whether it is a starter drum kit under 1000 or more. If the kit has all you need to begin your drumming journey with then it is highly beneficial. It took us to shortlist these drum sets as these are intended for usage by beginners. They are probably not aware of the pros and cons that come with a different set of products.

We have made it really simple for you to choose the beginner drum set. There were multiple drum sets available online that claimed to be the best but we wanted to keep it real. That’s why we have shared unbiased reviews of the kits. If you want to know about the latest offers on the product then you can click on the check price button. It will navigate you to a more detailed page. We hope that you liked the set of products reviewed by us. If there is anything you want to suggest or share your personal experience with these kits then feel free to share them through comments. Also, the stooshe's homepage has tons of things to explore for the music lovers. 

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