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7 Benefits Of Playing Drums You Didn’t Knew

We have written this article for those who are still in dilemma whether they should buy a drum set or not. It is common for the parents to think that playing instruments just wastes their kids time. Some don’t even allow their kids to take drumming as a career as they don't know the benefits of playing drums.

The health benefits of getting involved in activities like playing drums are immense. Earlier the drums were only used for religious rituals but they have come a long way. It is a form of cardio workout that has multiple positive effects. Here, we will be answering your multiple queries like what does drumming do to the brain and more. Go through the whole article to know them in detail.

benefits of playing drums

Increases brain power

When you play drums your hands and legs need to work together. Normally, you use your dominant hand with full power and the non-dominant hand is quite slow. Your brain needs to work on all the four limbs so that the non-dominant hand or leg performs with equal power. With the sound of drumming a set of new neuronal connections are generated. The number of connections means a more integrated experience. So you will have a great sense of self-awareness.

boosts brain power

Makes You Happy

When you play drums there are certain endorphins released in your brain. These endorphins are associated with a feeling of happiness. You will eventually feel happier. Other than helping you in building your career it will make you internally happy. It's obvious for you to be more productive with a good mood. For this, you can practically test by attending a drumming class. Note the change in your mood before and after the class. We are sure the result will be positive.


Helps In Reduction Of Chronic Pain

Do you know there are certain endogenous opiates and endorphins that are your body’s natural painkillers? When you experience any sort of pain the body tries to reduce the pain on its own. You can use drumming for healing as it will increase the production of the endorphins in your body. Another reason is that when you play drums your concentration is more on using the right way. It shifts your focus from pain and you eventually feel better. Alternatively, you can say it is a form of distraction. Also, there are some drumming therapy exercises that will give you similar benefits.

Boosts Academic Performance

It is important for kids and toddlers to perform well in their school academics. A lot of people think enrolling their kids for the drum class or any other musical instrument class will affect their kid's academics in a negative manner. This is untrue. There has been a lot of documentation that claims that musical training works in favor of academic performance. In fact, if you use the musical form to teach students maths then they will learn it quickly. So next time you plan to buy a drum set for toddlers do buy it without worry. This is one of the best benefits of drumming for toddlers and kids.

academic performance

Helps In Getting Fit

Drumming is not your cup of tea if you are low at energy all the time. It requires the drummer to use his hands and legs in a rhythmic format. You will have to continuously use your hands. You will get fit with the continuous playing of drums. It is important to sweat it out on a regular basis. You can do that through drumming while having a lot of fun. If you are connected with your own self then your body reacts in a positive manner. This can be done through drumming as you will feel more connected with yourself and other people at a deeper level. So benefits of hand drumming or drumming as a whole are more than you thought.

get fit with drums

Reduces Stress

With the growth of technology, there has been a growth of stress levels too. People are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. A lot of people are not even aware that they are dealing with such problems and end up with even higher level issues. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing the whole drum set or just playing a single drum. Fifteen minutes of drum practice and change your life. With stress, your memory also gets affected. You tend to forget things but with music, this problem will be solved.

music reduces stress

Boosts Your Creative Instinct

If you want to be the best drummer in the world then you have to be creative. There a lot of drummers who are working hard to be at that position. In the end, your creativity is going to work in your favor. With continuously practicing drums you will yourself feel the need to change a certain beat or the way you play. It's important to try different techniques. Your creative mind will keep on working to innovate something new and stand out from others. Thus, drummers are quite creative. This creativity can be used in real life for better life experiences. If you need help in boosting creativity while playing the drum set then we have an article on that too.


We have listed a few health benefits of playing drums. The list is never-ending. Drumming is part of the music genre and it helps us in many ways. If you haven’t enrolled in any musical class then do go for drum classes. For those who cannot find a class nearby, you should buy a cheap electronic drum set. With a drum set at home, you can practice anytime without compromising on your personal work commitments.

It is going to greatly benefit your body. If your body and mind are in a good state, you can achieve anything in life. So invest some time in learning musical instruments. If you start at an early age then you can use it as your backup career. There are immense opportunities for talented drummers in the market. If you want to share your benefits with drumming then do share your experiences. We will highly appreciate your valued feedback.

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