Alesis DM6 Vs Nitro Mesh Kit
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Alesis DM6 Vs. Nitro Mesh Drum Kit

Resulting in these present circumstances Alesis Nitro survey, we think you've seen that the Alesis Nitro is one of the least expensive electronic drum packs on the planet today. This befuddling set of names asked for a correlation of the three sets, so that is truly what this article will be – a gander at the DM6 and the Nitro Mesh. What's more, additionally: Alesis as of late discharged a sibling variant – the Alesis Nitro Mesh – which is the least expensive e-drum set with work heads throughout the entire existence of electronic drum kits.

The DM6 drums are extraordinary compared to other electric drum units available that are available at a low cost. It was fantastically mainstream as a result of its low-value point which is just as phenomenal as its sound quality.

On the other hand, the Nitro mesh pack has an undeniably more broad scope of sound patches than its antecedent, with this unit harboring 385 sounds, contrasted with the lower number 108 that we get with the DM6.

Alesis DM6 vs Nitro Mesh Kit

So what is the distinction between the DM 6 and the all-new Alesis Nitro Mesh?

As should be obvious, these sets are fundamentally the same as. Truth be told, the bits of the DM6 Nitro and the DM6 USB are actually the equivalents. All things considered, extremely basic: the module is the equivalent, yet the equipment is diverse in precisely 2 significant aspects:

1.The Nitro mesh accompanies work heads; the Alesis Nitro highlights elastic ones – and we’ll clarify what that implies in the following segment.

2. It has a marginally extraordinary HiHat control pedal just as an alternate bass drum pedal. In my testing, however, we didn't see that one of the 2 units has an edge as far as the pedals. Or maybe, the two of them carry out their responsibilities fine and dandy.

The Nitro cushions are not explicitly called DMPad forms, however, they ought to be fundamentally the same as. (They are not working.) The main other distinction is in the size of the cymbals and that the accident cymbal is choke cable. The Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set has a place with the spending class of electronic drum units. It conveys tolerable quality with some significantly better work head surfaces contrasted with past models.

Another large in addition to the Alesis Drums Nitro is that it supports great functionality, which is extremely valuable for the new and middle of the road drummers. In any case, Just on the grounds that the Alesis Nitro Mesh is a true successor to its earlier brethren called DM6. Although, it doesn't really imply that it is an enhancement for the past, amazingly famous Dm 6. It's additionally conceivable to interface up an additional tom and cymbal to the Nitro mesh set, though this was beyond the realm of imagination to expect to do with the Alesis DM6.

For this situation, the Alesis Drums Nitro truly is a stage up, with a ton of additional highlights, just as retaining the things that drummers cherished from the DM6 model. The DM6 USB utilizes an alternate sound module with fewer sounds and highlights. Despite the fact that the evident distinguishing strength of this pack would appear to be its USB availability, the Nitro sound module likewise has a USB port. So the DM6 USB unit isn't too exceptional in such a manner.

Before further going into the comparison of features, let us take a look at how do the two models look:

The Alesis DM 6 Kit looks like this:

Alesis DM6 Drum Kit

Whereas its slightly uplifted variant – the Nitro Mesh Kit looks like this:

Nitro Mesh Kit


These are the highlights of the comparison between Alesis Drums Nitro mesh and DM 6:


Mesh Drum tops: Mesh drum tops are the most instinctive, characteristic inclination drumheads that are present on a good electric drumkit, and the ones on the Nitro kit are premium quality. However, the counterpart called DM 6 didn’t harbor a great drumhead, making it's sound a little muddy during recordings. This one is also not suitable for live performances.


Earphone Output: This takes into account quiet practices, which implies there are no more limitations to when you need to play. The nitro mesh has a great earphone plugin and so does the DM 6. Both are extremely convenient practice kits due to this feature. However, the Nitro Mesh has a better output port.


385 Sounds: The Dm-6 doesn’t have this version of the sound card and has limited patches. These voices permit you more power over the sound of your pack, just as the opportunity to make and analysis. The nitro mesh on the other hand as all 385 patches making it a sound versatile kit.


40 pack Drum kits: These two have he stunning 40 packs that come as a basic component with the Nitro, which ranges from great units to present day packs. Dm-6 also had the same number of pieces in the kit. However, the Nitro version has all updated materials making it an advanced variant.


Eight Piece Configuration: This is comprised of hey cap, three 8" tom cushions, 8" catch cushion, three 10" cymbals, and an accident gag. Both the DM-6 and Nitro Mesh have a smooth 8 piece configuration making them an excellent kit of starters and those drummers who are still undergoing training. 


Learning Feature: The practice patches in the learning highlight incorporates more than 60 tracks that can be played along, which will assist you with improving your drumming. Both the models have these learning karaoke-types drum roll patches that can be used to practice over and become an expert. However, what the DM-6 doesn’t have is a speed controller and a bass gag, making it difficult for the beginners to understand the sound techniques of bass kicks.

Now let us look at the common features in both these kits:

So when you open any of these 2 packs, you'll find:

  • Five 8" drum cushions working as catch drum (1 cushion), toms (3 cushions) and kick drum (1 cushion with stand).
  • The Nitro drum module (progressively about this further down)
  • Note that the kick cushion is enormous and delicate enough to accommodate a twofold bass pedal.
  • 1 Hi-Hat controller
  • Three 10" cymbal cushions (Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride cymbal)
  • 1 bass drum pedal
  • One set of treble bass

Setting them up isn't extremely troublesome either (this video shows how). Every one of them took me around 45 minutes, and it shouldn't be any longer for first-time constructing agents. So both the Alesis Nitro and the Alesis Nitro Mesh are prepared for you to play directly out of the case.

So who is the winner? Or Are any of the two worth spending money on?

Furthermore, Alesis have based on these 2 models, and made extraordinary drum kits, with phenomenal work drum heads, just as a tremendous scope of voices, , as a learning highlight. Both are remarkable electric units. In any case, in the event that despite everything you have the alternative of picking either the Alesis DM-6 or the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, go with the work variant!

There are hundreds of surveys of these sets on the web. There are moderately not many for the DM6 Nitro in light of the fact that it hasn't generally been accessible there. Obviously, it presumably won't fulfill the requirements of exceptionally propelled players, aside from their essential rehearsing. Be that as it may, these players, as a rule, favor unquestionably increasingly costly units. It is hard to discover a shortcoming for the Nitro Kit, as it really is an outstanding. With everything taken into account, it's another move from Alesis to make quality electronic drum sets substantially more achievable for amateur and moderate players. With advanced drumming lessons and drum kit you will excel in your musical journey.

In contrast to the DM6 is that it is pricey. However working for the enhancements, similar to the drum tops and the learning highlight, at that point it is certainly justified regardless of the additional cash. Work heads are by a wide margin the material of decision contrasted with elastic heads. The drum tops are reliable and good in quality, with the scope of sounds and packs being extensive. An Alesis salesman affirmed to me that the Nitro and Nitro Mesh are intended to progressively supplant the DM6. This implies this drumkit interests drummers of all standards. Fledglings can develop with it, Alesi's as a result of the practice highlight, and further developed drummers will cherish it as well. And keeping in mind that that by itself doesn't mean they are better, it means both Nitro adaptations are more up to date and that there are contrasts among them and the DM6.

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